which series should i continue? | all the series i’m ‘currently reading’

Welcome to my post! I want to share all the series I’m in the middle of, and decide which ones I’m going to continue and which one’s I’ll DNF. I’m ready to be brutal so let’s get started!

series I want to continue this year/as soon as possible

These are series that I will definitely be continuing as soon as I can. In my 2023 resolutions post I talked about needing to read at least one book in the Farseer trilogy, and the next one is Royal Assassin so I’m determined to do that at some point.

I would’ve bought The Atlas Paradox as soon as I finished in December (here are my thoughts), but I have the paperback of The Atlas Six and I want to wait for that to be available so they’re the same. I think it has been released, but at the moment the only place I can get it is on Amazon and I’d rather wait and buy from somewhere else first.

Lastly, I read Strike the Zither this January and ended up really loving it. I need the sequel asap but it won’t release until at least the end of 2023, so hopefully I can get an ARC again for that.

series I will probably continue but aren’t high priority

Of course I want to read Jade Legacy, the last in this trilogy, but it’s been a long time since I read the other two. I read Jade City in March 2021 and Jade War in October 2021, and even between those two I was having a hard time remembering what had happened before, so there’s no chance I could go straight into it now. I haven’t re-read anything since I got back into reading, and I’m just dreading it which is why I haven’t got to this yet, oops! One day it will happen though.

As for The Splinter King, I read The Black Coast as an ARC in February 2021 and loved it but didn’t realise when the next one came out and just forgot about it since.

There’s definitely a pattern here, because I read A Memory Called Empire in June 2021 and just never got the sequel, so for all of these the only reason I don’t want to continue is because I forgot most of what happened and don’t want to re-read, at least not now anyway.

series I am DNFing

Finally for DNFs. Interestingly, these are all ARCs that I read in 2021 and 2022 which could play into why I want to DNF, because I’m less interested in buying a physical copy and by the time the sequel comes out I’m not as interested anymore.

I gave The Jasmine Throne 3.5 stars but I don’t remember much of it and I’m just not that interested in continuing things I didn’t love when there’s so many other books I could read!

I did enjoy The Unbroken but it’s been a while since I read it and looking back I was probably generous with my 4 star rating. The same thing goes for The Bone Shard Daughter, I did enjoy it at the time but by the time the sequel was released I wasn’t as interested.

Finally for Daughter of the Moon Goddess. I gave it 3.5 stars but everyone I’ve seen has loved it, so when the ARC for the sequel was available I just requested it. Now I don’t want to re-read the first one and I don’t want to force myself to read anything, so although I do have an ARC on my kindle I won’t be reading it.

So, lesson learnt. Don’t request loads of first books in a series!!


The last two I’m not completely sure about. She Who Became the Sun was pretty good but I gave it 3.5 stars. I would like to read it again because I think my tastes have changed since I read the ARC, but I don’t know if this is just the hype that’s convincing me I’ll like it more.

Finally, I really enjoyed The Shadow of the Gods but again, it’s been a while since I read the ARC and I don’t know if I’ll ever prioritise it above other books and series I’m interested in.

So, there’s all the series I’m reading, or not anymore. I’ve almost definitely missed out a few but if I’ve forgotten about them then I’m probably not interesting in continuing. I’ve definitely learnt that to enjoy and carry on with a series, I just need to read them all quite close together. I have already requested the first in a series this month before writing this, but after that I will try to limit what ARCs I choose and series I start to make sure I don’t end up DNFing all of them!

Thanks for reading! Let me know what series you’re in the middle of and which series here you think I should continue!


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  1. I once decided that I wouldn’t read the first book in any series until the whole thing was published so that I could read the whole lot together. I think my resolution lasted for about a month!! It is a problem having to go back and reread so that you can understand the next one

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