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Welcome to my post! I wanted to write this a bit after the start of 2023, just to take some time to reflect on my goals and prioritise my end of year series. Now I’m ready to share my goals for the new year, reading and otherwise!

Reading Goals

✧ read 36 books

In 2020 and 2021 I read about 60 books, but in 2022 I read 44 books (if you’re interested in more stats, I posted my 2022 wrap up recently!). This is definitely because of university and the move away from lockdown. Now going into my second term of second year at uni, I know it will only get more intense! I’m also planning on reading more series which are generally longer, so overall I just don’t want to put too much stress on myself. I think 36 books is a very achievable goal, especially as I’m reading more than watching TV, but no pressure this year!

✧ series

I have 3 series that I want to focus on this year. Firstly, I want to start and hopefully finish the Mistborn trilogy by Brandon Sanderson. This has been on my TBR for so long and a must read for fantasy lovers, and I received The Final Empire for Christmas so I’m determined to get through the series this year! Another series I’m planning on starting is the First Law trilogy by Joe Abercrombie, which is part of a readalong by the Catch Up Book Club (here’s the twitter if you’re interested too). They’re reading one book every two months so that should keep me on track. Finally, I want to continue a series: the Farseer trilogy by Robin Hobb. I read Assassin’s Apprentice in February 2021 and I’m desperate to keep going but I’ve been too intimidated by its’ size and keep making excuses to not read, so I’m making myself at least read one more of the series in 2023!

✧ diverse standalones

As you might have noticed, the three series I want to get to are all white and mostly male authors. For the rest of the books I read, I’d like to prioritise POC and LGBTQ authors, especially for books I don’t already own. that I buy or request from Netgalley (basically that I don’t already own). Some ways I want to do this is by reading audiobooks from POC authors, prioritise requesting ARCs and borrowing library books by POC and LGBTQ authors. Hopefully this will counteract some of the less diverse books I’ll be reading.

✧ audiobooks

I’ve just joined my local library at university, so I have access to free audiobooks which is great. I’d love to listen to one audiobook a month just to switch up my reading and let me read in the time I’m not normally free, like walking to lectures and cooking, but listening intentionally instead of just to read another book that month. Like I said before, I’d like almost all the audiobooks I listen to be from POC authors, and currently I’m listening to If I Had Your Face by Frances Cha and really enjoying it!

✧ bookstagram

Finally, I’d like to revive my Instagram and start posting semi-consistently. The main reason why I never really posted was because I don’t read a huge amount of book physically (i.e. not on my kindle) and I didn’t feel like mine was as aesthetic as everyone elses. I’m not worrying about that this year though, and it’s just another space to post my thoughts but more concise than here. If you’re interested in following, here is my bookstagram!

Other Goals

✧ learn to crochet

On a different note, I’ve seen so many people crocheting beautiful things (it’s all over my tiktok!) and have wanted to try it out for a while but I’ve been too nervous to start because I’ve always found it hard to learn things like sewing. I finally bought yarn and a crochet kit and practiced with youtube videos this week. I’m still slow and learning but it’s going well so far. I’ve made some granny squares and I’m currently trying to make a checkered bookmark! It’s nice to have another hobby and I’d like to learn to make clothes from crochet this year.

✧ spanish

I’ve been learning Spanish since the start of first year (October 2021) as an extra module at uni. I continued it this year and I’d like to continue learning after I finish second year, because I know if I stop practicing I’ll just forget it all! I would love to go to Spain in the next few years and practice in the actual country as well.

✧ guitar

A bit of a random goal, but I want to learn at least one song on the guitar or bass – probably one from AM by Arctic Monkeys. My boyfriend has both and I’m pretty terrible at learning instruments but it would be fun to learn and nail one song.

✧ university

I’ve mentioned university quite a few times as it’s been on my mind more starting back for the second term and final teaching term. I don’t have any specific goal really, but I’d like to keep a good work-life balance and make sure I’m doing enough work for each module but also trying not to worry so much about every deadline and exam. My aim is a 2:1 in terms of grades, and I want to feel secure on a dissertation topic by the end of the year, which is scary but exciting to think about!

Thank you for reading! What are your resolutions for 2023?


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  1. great resolutions!! guitar is such a fun instrument to play—I used to play piano, but I switched to guitar a few years ago and it’s so much more fun for me. part of what clicks for me more is being able to learn theory & such with songs that I already like in the first place. good luck on your guitar & with the rest of your goals!


  2. I don’t have any bookish goals or resolutions for the year because I’ve mostly failed them in the last years so I thought it was time to free myself from those expectations! So I’m running mostly on vibes which is honestly not that different from my usual reading. I am working to reduce my physical TBR because I’ll have to move this year and there is no way I can take all of these books with me lol

    One of my personal and non-bookish goal this year is to take dance classes again! I’m setting the bar super low by aiming for one in-person class a quarter tho, baby steps! I also want to have a weekly arts and crafts night as an opportunity to use all of my fun art supplies and actually get better at painting.


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