2022 wrap up | wrapping up the year series

Welcome to my post! Today I’m sharing all my reading stats for 2022 in this yearly wrap up, as part of my wrapping up the year series: my top 10 books and 2022 releases posts are here. This is one of my favourite part of the end of the year, as I always love reflecting on my reading from the year and comparing it to previous years. Here are my posts from the last couple years:

Onto the stats!

The Numbers

  • I read 44 books! Not quite at the same level as the last two years (around 60+), but I can blame uni for that.
  • My average rating was 3.9, the same as 2020!
  • My average book length was 366 pages, which is higher than last year surprisingly. Next year I’m planning it to be higher with a lot of long series!


Here are the visual stats I’ve gathered from my year of reading! The first two are from The Storygraph and the rest were from a Google Forms quiz I made.

books + pages read

As you can see there were a lot of up and downs for the number of books and pages I read, and it definitely correlates with being at university! I feel like this might be a similar pattern in second year but I’d love to read a little more during term – no pressure though!



Here is my mood chart from StoryGraph! It’s maybe a little concerning that the top 2 moods are dark and emotional but I like the adventurous aspect maybe balancing it out a little.

author status

I read a lot of new to me authors! I think that has a lot to do with trying out a lot of new 2022 releases. I’m predicting a bigger percentage of familiar authors in 2023 with trying to read more series.


We love to see the amount of female authors I read! It’s even higher than last year which was 70%, but I’d like to read some non-binary authors as well like last year.


This chart is a little reductive because it’s not this easy to categorise people, but I wanted a vague representation of the author’s race that I’d read this year. Sadly it’s lower than last year which was under 50% white authors and what I was aiming for again, so hopefully if I’m mindful of this going into 2023 I can read more diversely.

standalone or series

Lots of standalone this year! I was struggling to read longer books at uni and keep up with series, so it makes a lot of sense why standalones are so high. I’m planning on catching up and starting quite a few series this year though, so I’m expecting this to be pretty different by the end of 2023!

type of book

Audiobooks are always the format I read the most, but even higher this year! I gave up on audiobooks a bit as you can see, but the physical book ratio has stayed largely the same.

age range

Adult is definitely my preferred age range now, but I have read quite a few good young adult books too so I’m not totally opposed to them still.


It’s really interesting that historical and fantasy are tied, though I suspect that a lot of the books were a combination of both. I like the horror so high up as one of my goals were to read more of the top three genres: success!


Another one that’s a bit disappointing to me is LGBTQ+ rep, as last year it was over 60%. It’s not too bad though and I would like to continue seeking out queer stories and authors.

Thanks for reading and supporting my blog this year! How was your 2022? Were you surprised by your reading habits this year?


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  1. I love seeing other people’s stats and living vicariously through all the pretty graphs because I’m not great at tracking my reading anyway and haven’t kept up with my storygraph account so I don’t have all the fun data for 2022! But I did have a great reading year (31 5-star reads out of 88 books!) and cemented my love for YA thrillers and mysteries.

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