spotify wrapped | exposing myself

Welcome to my post! Today I want to share my spotify wrapped – stats for all the music I listened to this year – something I’m always excited for but a little nervous because there’s usually something embarrassing on there! No holding back this year though as I show you my top artists, songs and other interesting stats.

Too much time on my hands…


Starting off with how many minutes I’ve listened. It’s a lot don’t get me wrong, but the last two years I’ve actually got over 100,000 minutes so it’s not too crazy for me. I love listening to music doing everything, but my headphones broke and I didn’t replace them for over a month, so I listened to a lot less then. Normally when I’m with my boyfriend he puts on the music too so that’s probably lowered it a bit. Still a big number though!!

Who I’ve been obsessing over

Next up is top artists! Unsurprisingly for me, Arctic Monkeys were the most listened to, especially with the new album out. They’ve been in my top 5 for at least the last 3 years but never top until now. I am quite surprised by the other artists though. Royal Blood is normally up there but I wasn’t expecting so high, and I was expecting Deftones to be somewhere. I didn’t realise how much I’d listened to Bakar or Hozier though, but they have great songs so I’m not embarrassed by the list at least! Interestingly, when I checked on (an app to check listening history/stats), Radiohead was my number one listened to artist in the last 6 months. There’s also Soccer Mommy and Djo on there, so I listened to them more in the second half of 2022 (not surprising with Djo since Stranger Things 4 came out in spring/summer and led me to discover Joe Keery’s music). 

On repeat

Another part I was surprised about is the top songs. As you can see by 42 streams, I don’t listen to specific songs too much, it’s just if they’re in a playlist that I put on a lot. This isn’t too representative of my favourite songs, but there are some good ones on here so I’m not too mad about it. I was surprised by The Wombats’ song being so high. Again, the top songs in 6 months is very different and I might like that list a little bit more.

Other stats

Here are some fun extra stats from Spotify wrapped. The top genres is a little embarrassing because I normally say I’m a bigger fan of rock/indie than pop but clearly not. Also you can see how my studying playlist has hijacked my music listening with the lo-fi beats being so high! My audio day is interesting because there’s a lot of contradictions, like cathartic and exciting, and angst and feel good, so I’d be interested to see what those genres/songs were that I played. My listening personality is a cool feature too and I’m proud to be an adventurer!

Wrapping up my wrapped up


Here’s a summary of my 2022 listening! Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed! Do you use spotify? What are your stats like?


♦ goodreadsspotify


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