december readathons & a tentative tbr

Welcome to my post, today I’m sharing 3 readathons that are happening in December, how to join and my plans for reading. Normally I make seasonal TBRs but it made more sense to me to do a monthly one for December, as the last month of the year (2022 has gone too fast!).

Reindeer Readathon

So this is a monthly readathon that I found through a fellow blogger (and youtuber) Kristin’s post, who is also a co-host of the readathon so thanks for sharing! What I really like about this one is you get assigned a team after you’ve signed up, so it takes out the decision-making which is sometimes the hardest part of readathons when they all sound good! I’m on Team Snowflake, and hopefully I can get them a few points.

Length: Month

Dates: 1st – 31st December

Links: Website (includes sign up form, prompts, rules, discord etc.)


My Plans

I always find month-long readathons a bit harder to plan because normally I have a vague idea of what I want to read but I like to give myself some flexibility. So I think I’ll do the same here, with a few I really want to get to and then some options to choose from.

Firstly, I really want to finish The Daevabad Trilogy with The Empire of Gold. I wanted to make it a monthly thing as I read the first two in September and October, but November was too busy with lots of uni deadlines so it will be better to read it in the holidays to enjoy more! It is a massive book though at 766 pages which means I get the bonus prompt Christmas Star (over 500 pages). It will also work for the Dasher prompt (finish a series).

The other books are mostly ARCs that I haven’t got to yet (oops), so Strike the Zither and The Cloisters both work for Prancer (favourite season colours) and the bonus Christmas Lights (ebook). I also have Seven Devils, which unfortunately works for Vixen (a book you think might be overhyped), but hopefully it proves me wrong!

Orilium Winter Readathon

Orilium is a detailed magical academy that has seasonal readathons. This winter’s one is more relaxed though, so although I haven’t joined in before (mostly because it was a little too complicated to include while I was studying), I want to participate in this one, then maybe join next year’s one.

Length: Week

Date: 9th – 18th December

Links: YouTube announcement video ✦ Twitter ✦ Printables


Favour Pass Prompts

My Plans

This coincides with the next readathon on my list (spoiler!), so I’m picking one book that will fit for both. So the first book I’m planning of reading for that is The Raven and the Reindeer, a suitably seasonal book! That will actually fit for all of the categories in the fantasy shop (Wallice’s Wonderful Winter Wanimals), although I think you’re only supposed to use one prompt per book. Considering that it’s only a week long, I’ll aim for just one more then if I have time I’ll use one of the books I want to read from the Reindeer Readathon. The next shortest book I have is The Cloisters which is just over 300 pages, and that will fit for the mystery-thriller prompt (The Old Tails Bookstore). They sound like the perfect shops to visit so I’ll be happy to complete those!

The Festive Readathon

This is a readathon that started in 2020 by Steph Loves on YouTube and this year’s theme is The Polar Express! It’s a very chill readathon with a mix of reading and non-bookish prompts, so it’s perfect for a cozy weekend at home.

Length: Weekend

Date: 10th – 11th December

Links: YouTube announcement video ✦ Templates


Bingo Board

My Plans

This is the weekend I go back home from uni, and after my 6 hour train journey, I will probably just want to stay at home and in bed which is perfect for the readathon! I’ll aim for one book that fits most of the prompts and the Orilium readathon, which is The Raven and the Reindeer.

Thanks for reading! Are you planning on joining any readathons? What are you reading in December?


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