netgalley tbr! i broke my own rules…

Welcome to my blog! Today I want to share all the books that I have to read on my Netgalley account. Generally, I try to request one or two books a month and try to read at least one ARC a month because more than a few ARCs on my to-read shelf stresses me out. But I’ve been slacking recently and only finished one this autumn, oops! I also requested a bit too many books in October because I didn’t expect to be approved for all of them, so here is my Netgalley TBR.

I’m currently reading The Sunbearer Trials, so at least that’ll be one less of my TBR soon! It was in my anticipated releases post for September, so you can see that I’m a bit behind on all these. At the moment though I’ve been using ARCs to stay on top of new releases rather than reading them before they get released, so it’s not as much pressure to finish them earlier. I’ve been really enjoying it so far and it’s been quite a nice break from all the serious adult books I’ve mostly read.

I talked about Strike the Zither in my October releases post. I’m a bit of a history nerd so I love all the historical fantasy retellings and this has been positively reviewed so far. I’ve only read The Ones We’re Meant to Find from Joan He and I did enjoy it with quite a few twists, but I’m looking forward to a more fantasy, political-focused book.

Finally onto the November releases, the first one on my shelf is Tread of Angels. Rebecca Roanhorse is another author who I’ve read one book from (Black Sun) and really liked it but not quite enough to instantly get the sequel. This will probably be one of the first books I read from this TBR as it’s a novella so it will be easier to finish as I haven’t been reading as much recently.

Next is The Stars Undying, a queer space opera based on Cleopatra and Caesar. I’m not a fan of the cover but the synopsis did intrigue me. It is a chunky book at 528 pages and because it’s the first in a series I’m not in the biggest rush to read it now, but hopefully I can finish it before I have even more on my shelf!

Another November release is The Cloisters, and I chose it for the gothic, historical vibes. I doubt it will still be Autumn when I read this, but dark academia is for all year round! I don’t want to get my hopes up too much, because I haven’t had complete success with dark academia this year (as you can see in my dark academia rankings post), but I am excited to get to it.

The last book on my Netgalley TBR is Heart of the Sun Warrior, the sequel to Daughter of the Moon Goddess. I did quite enjoy the first book but I read it in January so I think I’ll have to either re-read it first or try and find a synopsis of the plot to jog my memory. The cover is stunning as always, especially the other cover which I think might be the American one? Either way I think it’ll be a good one.

So that’s my Netgalley TBR! It might not seem like too much, but for someone who likes to have only a few options to read at a time on my physical and digital TBR, it is a little overwhelming. Hopefully I can get to them soon, because I know I will be requesting more!

Thanks for reading! What do you have on your Netgalley TBR?


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