october wrap up

Welcome to my October wrap up, a monthly review of all the things I read, watched and listened to! Sadly, university classes started and I neglected my blog, only posting my September wrap up. Hopefully I can get a few things out this month since I’ve got used to the craziness again and am trying to follow a tighter schedule.

Music and Media

Horror horror horror! The only two films I hadn’t seen before were X and Saint Maud (go A24), and none of the films were below 4 stars. The bottom 3 were films me and my roommates watched in the days leading up to Halloween, ending on Hereditary which was really fun. There are so many more horror films and some spooky shows I want to see though so the theme might carry on to November.

Reading Stats

I read 3 books and 707 pages with an average of 23 pages a day!

♡ my average rating was 3.17

♡ 3 digital books, (1 ARC)

♡ 3 horror

♡ 3 adult

Not a lot of range as you can see but I really wanted to get in a spooky vibe for the Halloween month. I didn’t read all the books I wanted and as you can see the ones I did were not the best but I had a good reading month nevertheless. My reading went massively down after the first week but I still managed to read something so I’m happy!

The Books

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

We Spread by Iain Reid The Miramichi Reader

I really liked the concept of We Spread, especially with the use of an older main character which was original. She felt developed and you really get inside her head. I enjoyed the second half of the book and the two interpretations explaining the plot, but the first half was a bit of a drag and for a short book it shouldn’t have been. It made the two halves feel a bit disconnected, so it was mainly the pacing that was a problem for me, but I’d still recommend if you’re looking for an unsettling read.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Not my favourite reads but I’m still glad I read them. The October Society was a fun read with an interesting structure like a tv show, and tied together into a cool ending. The short stories were creative but not scary or horror filled like I thought it was. The thing that really annoyed me was the group interactions and the dialogue which was cringey and felt a bit forced, but it was pretty easy to move on quickly because it’s so short. I also gave Carmilla 3 stars. I’m glad I’ve finally read another classic and a lesbian vampire one at that, but I didn’t feel anything for the story. I could imagine it being more interesting if I was reading it for an English class or something and had to analyse it, but it wasn’t very memorable reading it leisurely.

Thanks for reading! What was your October like?


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  1. My October just went by in a blur, I finished my bachelor’s thesis and then went on a spontaneous trip to London, and somehow both of those combined just absolutely ruined any semblance of structure I had! I didn’t read or blog much and now that I’ve started my Master’s course I still haven’t found a structure…so the chaos remains! I’m participating in NaNoWriMo again this month which certainly won’t help the business, but I hope November is a great month!


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