apps for couples + long distance relationships

Welcome to my post! Today I wanted to write something a little different and share some apps that are great for all relationships, but particularly long distance relationships. They’ve helped while my partner and I have been (relatively) long distance during the summer, and we want to continue using some of them at uni too. Let’s get into it!


Obimy is a great app for long distance. You can pick different actions to send to your partner to show your love when you can’t physically give it! My favourite action is bite as I’ve shown, but there are other cute ones like kiss, hug, lick and more!


The next app Official is good because it has multiple different features. The one it advertises the most is date ideas, and you can swipe through the ones you like and match with your partner to plan them! There’s also other parts too, like a section for important dates, memories to share your own dates, an intimacy section to find new things to try, and a check-in to share your mood. As well as that, it gives you questions to answer that you can only see if both of you have answered. We don’t use every feature but it’s nice to have all the options!


Noteit is a fun app dedicated to letting you send and receive drawings from your partner, which you can pin as a widget on your phone so you can their drawings on your homescreen! It can be anything you want, from stupid to cute, and you can also take photos and draw on them. It’s nice waking up to a little note!


The last app is TimeTree. I haven’t actually used this app but we’re planning to use it at uni. It’s basically a shared calendar app and it’ll be great for seeing when we’re free and making time for each other even with busy schedules! It’s also good because you can make more than one, so you can have a personal calendar, one for your partner, one for family and one for friends, for example.

Thanks for reading! Are there any other apps you use in your relationship?


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