autumn tbr: sep-nov

Welcome to my post, today I’m sharing my seasonal TBR for autumn. I read everything I planned to in my Summer TBR which is great, so hopefully I can keep it up! I’ve already posted my September TBR for Bookoplathon, which has all the dark academia books, so I will mainly be focusing on spooky reads for October and some miscellaneous things for November.


The first set of books are all horror/have horror elements. Firstly, is Carmilla, a classic book with vampire lesbians! I’ve barely read any classics the last couple of years but it’s really short and gothic so hopefully I’ll enjoy this. A Certain Hunger is one I’ve seen around for a while and has gotten pretty popular, especially on BookTok. All I know is it has cannibalism in it and the cover is gorgeous. October is the perfect time to try it out! I got an ARC of We Spread, and although I haven’t read I’m Thinking of Ending Things Yet, I do really want to read Iain Reid’s work and the synopsis sounds so good and creepy. The last horror book is The October Society. I didn’t realise how few reviews this has but I think I got the recommendation through TikTok where they read out this first page and it sounded amazing. It was also really cheap on kindle so why not see what it’s like?!


I don’t really have any plans or a theme for November, so I’ll probably read anything I didn’t get to in September or October or mood read. These 2 books are both options that I’d like to get to. First, The Empire of Gold is the last in the Daevabad trilogy. I’m hoping to read the sequel in September then get to this as soon as possible to complete the series! I also have an ARC for The Sunbearer Trials that I probably won’t get to before the September release, but I would like to read soon.

That’s the plan for Autumn! Do you have any seasonal books you’re planning to read?


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