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Welcome to my post, today I want to share my TBR for Becca’s Bookoplathon! It’s always super fun to play and although I missed the last 48 hour round because of exams, I’ve participated in the readathon since 2020 so I want to continue the streak for 2022! Some rounds I’ve failed miserably and some I haven’t. I have posts for September 2020, 2021, and the 48 hour round. I’d like to reach somewhere in the middle, so I chose to do 4 rolls and focus on completing them. Anyway, let me explain how it works first before diving into my prompts and picks for September.

What is Becca’s Bookoplathon?


Becca’s Bookoplathon is a readathon hosted by the youtuber Becca and the Books. There’s essentially a monopoly board with different prompts on and all you have to do is roll two dice as many times as you choose and pick a book to go with each prompt you land on. For more information, here is the twitter and the announcement video!

The Rolls

Roll #1: Small Book

The first prompt was a book under 300 pages, which is always a great prompt for a readathon! I had a few to choose from, but they were mostly horrors and I want to save my spookiest books for October, so I went with The Mad Women’s Ball which is 224 pages. I don’t know much about it but I’m excited to just go in blind and see where it takes me.

Roll #2: Dice Roll Roulette

This prompt is a pretty fun one. What you have to do is roll again and the number corresponds with a set number of pages that you have to try and find a book that fits. I rolled a 7 which meant I had to find one between 325-374 pages. Luckily I have an ARC of The Things We Do To Our Friends which is 336 pages and fits the September vibes well as a dark academia type book.

Roll #3: Published/Set Since 2020

This is another pretty easy prompt to complete as a lot of the books on my physical TBR are written in 2020 or later anyway. I have two choices to go for here. First is Plain Bad Heroines, which is an ARC I got last year but keep putting off because of the length and mixed reviews. This is the perfect month to read though so it’s a good option. The other is Babel which is my priority, but I didn’t realise that it isn’t released in the UK until 1st September and obviously hardbacks are quite expensive. We’ll see if I manage to buy it but I do really want to read it soon so hopefully that will be what I read!

Roll #4: Colour Wheel

For my last roll, I landed on colour wheel where you randomly generate a colour and find a book with that colour on the cover. I got green, and the only book that really fits is Kingdom of Copper, the sequel to City of Brass. I’m quite glad this came up because I loved reading City of Brass this month. I want to read the rest of the series this year because I always find series more enjoyable when I read them closer together and actually remember what happened!

So that is all my rolls and TBR for September! I’m really happy with what I’ve got. There’s a mix of short and long books which is good, and lots of dark academia to get into the autumn vibes! Here’s an overview of the readathon with the cute no face pendant I used to play:


Thanks for looking at my post! What are you reading this September?


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