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Hey, welcome to my post! Having started The Sandman, a series adapted from Neil Gaiman’s books, today I wanted to start a series sharing the books I think would be great as adaptations. This time I’ll focus on films, but I will also have a post on tv, books that would work for tv and film, and maybe more in the future for books that also fit. Let’s get into it!

Portrait of a Thief

Portrait of a Thief would be a really fun film with great visuals and a fast-paced plot. Interestingly, I think what I didn’t enjoy too much about the books would translate better on a screen, and that was the actual heists. The character relationships and discussion of colonialism would maybe be harder to get right, but I definitely think it could work with the right tone and balance. There are some developing romances, plenty of clashes, and development, so I’m sure there would be something for everyone to love about the characters, and the right amount to give each character a focus in the story.

The Hollow Places

The mix of comedy and horror would be so fun to watch, and I think it could go either way into something really spooky or something a little lighter. Both the main characters are great and easy to get invested in with great chemistry, and the slow building of tension throughout the story makes it one of my favourite books and a great option for adaptation.

The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea

Although I didn’t give this the highest rating (3 stars), I think it would be a lovely adaptation. My biggest issues were it reading too young for my preference and the characters and relationships not feeling too developed, which is something I don’t mind as much in films if that’s not the focus. I would also love to see the magical world and the plot was really fun.

One Last Stop

I can totally see One Last Stop being a cute rom-com but with a little more depth, and of course very queer – it’s definitely the kind of film I would love to see more of. I can think of some scenes that would look so cinematic on a screen, like the drag show and some of the subway parts. There’s also an adorable cast of side characters, and I just think the overall plot and structure would be great in a film format.

Gods of Jade and Shadow

I would pay so much to see a great adaptation of Gods of Jade and Shadow. The journey through Mexico and the underworld would be everything, as well as seeing the Mayan gods. The whirlwind plot along with Casiopea and Hun-Kamé’s relationship would make such a good film and you can’t convince me otherwise.

If We Were Villains

Finally, I wanted to include If We Were Villains on the list. I was thinking about The Secret History but there’s more direct drama here that would translate better, as well as them being actors instead of classicists. I can think of some cool and shocking scenes that would be great in a film, like the play by the lake and the realisation at the end.

That was my list! What books would you like to see adapted?


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