holiday book recs

Welcome to my post, today I want to share some recommendations perfect either for reading on holiday, or just at home in the summer!

Circe, the retelling of a mythical Greek ‘villain’, is the ultimate holiday book to me (as well as one of my favourite books ever), especially as I read it by the pool and beach on a Greek island! But the descriptions are so luscious and captivating you’ll be transported to Circe’s world whether you’re at home listening to the rain patter at the window or in the country it’s set in.

Although there are hardships within it exploring blackness and queerness, The Black Flamingo is ultimately a proud and triumphant story that is perfect for a holiday read. It’s a quick one too as it’s in verse and has plenty of illustrations, but even better for space in your suitcase if you listen to the audiobook by the author themselves.

Romance is always welcome for holiday reads, and the sapphic love story in One Last Stop is a great choice. Add in the time travel twist and it’s just a really fun read. The found family aspect and great side characters add to the comforting and magical feeling it emanates.

I can testify that Aru Shah is a great holiday read as I also read this abroad! Unfortunately I haven’t picked up the rest of the series as middle grade isn’t my priority, but it’s a fun, action-packed story with tons of humour and Hindu mythology that would appeal almost universally.

Gods of Jade and Shadow is a blend of everything, with a fantasy/historical/romance theme, Mayan mythology and an enticing 1920s Mexico backdrop, as well as a subversive ending. I think there’s something for everyone in here which is probably why it’s one of her most well-received books.

Apparently to me mythology is the best way to go for holiday reads because we have another one with Daughter of the Moon Goddess, this time based on Chinese mythology. Although I didn’t rate it as high as the other books I’ve recommended, I still wanted to include it because so many other people have loved it and there are aspects perfect for summer reading: fast-paced plot, lyrical writing, romance and action!

Thanks for reading! Do you have any books to recommend or plans for the summer?


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