update – blog changes

welcome to my post! today i just wanted to write an informal update and chat about my blog, so no capital letters (it looks so much nicer anyway)!

introducing… ella isn’t writing

although the name change isn’t drastic and neither are the other changes i want to make for my blog, i thought it would be helpful for me to go through them and explain where i’m at with blogging. most of all, i want to make this a space where i can write about anything i’m interested in and not worry too much about consistently posting, but instead making posts where i’m sharing my thoughts and creativity more intentionally. that doesn’t mean i’m going to stop posting my bookish staples, like wrap ups and tbrs and anticipated releases, but i would like to concentrate more on reviews and maybe other content not related to books. a few categories you might expect to see are film and tv, music, student life and deep dives/opinion pieces.

i was worried that those kind of posts might not get as many views and deter people away from my blog, but i’ve never really cared about growth and that’s never been the point of my blog, as i’m sure is the same with many of you too. i want this to be more of a project and hobby rather than feeling like a chore and writing content that i don’t really care or have to think about, so i don’t want to put too much pressure on myself to post that kind of stuff. i haven’t posted much recently, especially not original content, but i miss writing so hopefully giving myself a bit more freedom to write whatever i want will help get my motivation back!

thank you for reading! my next post will be my july wrap up so not much change there but hopefully in the next coming weeks you’ll see a difference in my content!



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