Top 5 Wednesday: Surprising Reads

Welcome to my post, today I’m continuing the weekly blog prompt Top 5 Wednesday. Let’s start!

Surprising Reads: 20th

“Every book comes with its surprises, but there are some that surprise us more than others! Maybe that cover buy had more to it than just a pretty cover. Or maybe that blurb didn’t sound all that exciting until you started reading it. Let’s hear it! What are some books that have surprised you in how much you enjoyed it?”

For this prompt I decided to go with books that I didn’t know much about going in and surprised me with the plot, and books I liked more than I thought I would.

Hold Back the Tide

hold back the tide

I was really surprised by how much I loved Hold Back the Tide. I barely knew anything going into it and wasn’t expecting too much. The premise sounded interesting but the plot went in an unexpected direction and the ending made me cry. Needless to say it was 5 stars!

The Fifth Season

the fifth season

All I knew about The Fifth Season was that it was a popular fantasy book with climate elements. It definitely deserves the hype and I was really surprised (and confused a lot!) by the plot and reveals and its complexity. I still need to read the last book The Stone Sky soon!

Tender is the Flesh

tender is the flesh

Tender is the Flesh is not on here because I enjoyed the book – I rated it about 3 stars. I actually liked the concept but it didn’t have enough depth for me and felt written just for shock value. But the ending was so unexpected I had to put it on here!

The Troop

the troop

The Troop is on the list because I had no idea what the plot was going in, and from the synopsis I thought it was more of a murderer/survival story. I was pleasantly (well, maybe not pleasantly) surprised by the actual plot and though not everything was perfect for me, I did enjoy the overall concept.

The Sword of Kaigen

sword of kaigen

Of course, I had to include The Sword of Kaigen. Another one I didn’t know too much about going in and wasn’t sure how much I’d enjoy it, but I’m so glad I read it! I was not expecting it to be so sad (definitely the book I’ve cried the most at) and so good. Will definitely need to read one day to relive the torture.

Thanks for reading! What are some books that surprised you?


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