Top 5 Wednesday: Swoon Worthy

Welcome to my post, today I’m continuing Top 5 Wednesday, a weekly book blog prompt. Let’s begin!

Swoon Worthy: 13th

“Whether it’s a romance novel or not, there are always those books that make us absolutely swoon! Let’s take some time to share about some of our favourite swoon worthy reads and/or moments in fiction!”

There were so many books I could talk about in this category, so to narrow it down I decided to choose books that I rated 4.5 stars or above and has some element of romance in it.

This is How You Lose the Time War

This is How You Lose the Time War is such a beautiful and beautifully written book! The writing is so lyrical and immersive, and I love the development of Red and Blue’s relationship. It’s a little hard to understand what’s going on all the time so even though I barely ever re-read things I would love to listen to the audiobook to understand it a bit more and experience the story again.

Winter’s Orbit

Winter’s Orbit is a really fun book. It does a bit fanfic-y at times, which isn’t a bad thing but there were a lot of common tropes. However I enjoyed the mix of romance and sci-fi, and although I wanted more world-building and plot, I just loved the romance and both characters so much. Very enjoyable!

Open Water

Open Water is a powerful and poetic book. It’s both a love story and the experience of a black man in the UK, and both sides were so emotional. It is written in second person which I know a lot of people don’t like but it really worked for me. Also it’s less than 150 pages! I highly recommend this one because I haven’t seen it on social media too much.

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

How could I not include this one? I know pretty much everyone has read The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo but it fitted perfectly with the prompt so I had to share my love for it again. It was heart-breaking, a few times heart-warming, and just felt so real. I did actually rate this 4.5 stars though because I wasn’t the biggest fan of Monique’s storyline but it’s still one of my favourites and another one I think I’ll have to re-read at some point.

Into the Drowning Deep

My fifth book is Into the Drowning Deep. More wlw representation, although this one probably has the least romance in my list. It’s primarily about a crew filming a documentary about killer mermaids and things get pretty bad. It also explores so many themes and has lots of representation. It is pretty long and slow-paced but I’m so glad I kept going because I loved it so much!

Thanks for reading! Do you like any of these books?


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