March Wrap Up

Welcome to my March wrap up! I’m now off for the Easter break but unfortunately I have a 4000 word essay to write and revision for next term so I can’t only read, but I still got some books read this month!

Here are my posts for March:

Here are the books I acquired in March (to hold me accountable!):

I was buying a book online as a gift for my friend and couldn’t help get something for myself with it, so I bought The Troop! I found The Martian in a charity shop for £2 so I bought that too.

Reading Stats

I read books and 1219 pages with an average of 39 pages a day!

♡ my average rating was 4.00

♡ physical books, ebook (ARC)

♡ 1 mystery/thriller, 1 horror, 1 historical fiction

♡ 3 adult

The Books


I wasn’t expecting to like Hamnet as much as I did even though I do like historical fiction, but the writing was just so beautiful. Not a lot actually happens but I was so immersed in the story – there was one point where I was only planning on reading for half an hour but ended up reading for hours because I couldn’t put it down! I did start tearing up as well when we get to that scene and everything that happens after because even though you know what happens from the start it’s just so emotional and well-written. Definitely one to check out if you like slow, character driven stories.


I’ve been wanting to get more into horror and I was so interested to see what the hype around The Troop was about and I wasn’t disappointed! I still catch myself thinking about it sometimes and it was gross and really tense at times. Luckily it wasn’t so bad that I couldn’t eat after or anything like that but still intense! I liked the way it played off classic tropes, although I wish some of the characters were fleshed out more and given more personality, as well as less of the fatphobia.


The Paris Apartment was a pretty solid read for me, and I don’t pick up mysteries or thrillers much so I was pleasantly surprised. There were some great twists at the end and I think the start and ending were really strong, but it did drag in the middle for me. I also didn’t find the characters too interesting, although I did enjoy the big cast of characters, or the constant flashbacks.

Thanks for reading! How was your March?


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