Spring TBR: March-May

Welcome to my post! I’m continuing my seasonal TBRs with the Spring edition, even though most of them aren’t related to Spring at all! I did manage to complete my Winter TBR but I’m not promising anything this time, since May is exam season and I should be revising for them in April so we’ll see how many I actually get to.


As you can see, definitely not Spring themed. The Paris Apartment is a mystery/thriller that I’m currently reading and my first Lucy Foley book! Hopefully I agree with the hype. I also have an ARC of the horror Sundial even though I haven’t read The Last House of Needless Street yet, which I’ve heard a lot of great things about. I’ve had Under the Whispering Door for so long but never really wanted to read it that much, so hopefully I can actually get round to it and enjoy it!


I’m saving my fantasy series for the summer when I have more time, so most of the genres I’ve gone for are historical fiction and horror. Conjure Women is a little bit more on theme (the covers is mostly the reason I want to read it in Spring). I wanted to read it while I was studying the American Civil War, but it’s been a while since I was! I got Hamnet for my birthday in February and I don’t know too much about it but it’s another historical fiction so I’m excited. Lastly, I bought The Troop recently because I’ve heard a lot about it and my curiosity won over my bank account!

Thanks for reading, I’ll try to get to most of them! What’s on your TBR this month or season?


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