February Wrap Up

Welcome to my February wrap up! It’s summative season so I haven’t been in the mood to read as much this month after all the academic papers. I did manage to read all the books I planned to in my Winter TBR though, so I’m happy about that.

Here are my posts for February:

Reading Stats

I read 3 books and 1372 pages with an average of 49 pages a day!

♡ my average rating was 3.83

♡ 2 physical books, 1 ebooks (1 ARCs)

♡ 1 sci-fi, 1 horror, 1 contemporary

♡ 1 adult, YA

The Books


Book Cover

Do You Dream of Terra-Two is a big book, but definitely worth it. It’s very character focused so don’t be expecting action on every page, but that is my kind of book and I loved it. All of The Beta crew felt complex and had distinct motivations for and views on the trip. All of the science is explained really well and nothing felt too complicated. Some aspects of the plot weren’t completely covered and the pacing was a little bit off for me which is why I didn’t rate it a full 5 stars.


Book Cover

The Black Flamingo is such a beautiful book and super easy to read to because it’s in verse. It took me two days to read it at the start of the month because I was so invested. I loved the setting too because I’m from near there. It felt a little but young at times even though for a lot of the book the protagonist is at uni but I still really liked it.


Book Cover

The last book I read was All the White Spaces. I was hoping I’d be able to read it when it was snowing to match the setting, but I didn’t get that much. The atmosphere was great (isolated and unsettling) and I did like the main character especially with the trans rep in a historically set book, but the other characters didn’t feel that fleshed out and it was just very slow which killed the tension for me.

Thanks for reading! How was your February reading?


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