2021 Wrap Up! | All the Stats

Welcome to my post and Happy New Year! Today I’m sharing my reading in 2021, including all the fun stats 🙂 I also did this in 2020, so it was fun to compare the differences.

The Numbers

  • I read 65 books this year! That’s 4 more than last year and 5 more than my reading goal, although I think I probably read less pages.
  • My average rating was 3.96. Again, a little higher than last year which was 3.9, and I’m happy with it because it means I’m enjoying most of the books I read!
  • My average book length was 332. This makes sense because I read some shorter books and didn’t touch many tomes this year.


Now for my favourite part! These graphics are a mix of StoryGraph, google forms or the CAWPILE spreadsheet.

Books/pages per month

As you can see, my reading started off really strong at the start of the year then went very downhill in the last half!


This is always a fun one on StoryGraph to look at. I’m not surprised by the adventurous mood, with all the fantasy as you’ll see!


Some books covered multiple genres which is why it doesn’t add up to 65, but I’m surprised how far fantasy is ahead of everything else. There’s a lot of range, but I do want to see more of the other genres in my next yearly wrap up!

Age Range

Last year I had 83% adult, so it’s a tiny bit more balanced. I did originally want to read more middle grade and YA, but I’ve realised that I’m not really interested in middle grade and I like YA but I don’t want it to take up the biggest part of my reading.

Type of Book

This one’s actually pretty different from last year. I read almost double the amount of audiobooks, and a lot more ebooks which is probably from ARCs.


I’m so much happier with this, seeing as last year it was only 30% rep! I’ve found more stories that I resonate with but also different perspectives and that’s exactly what I want with my reading.


I’m happy that less than half of authors were white, although I could probably push that further and read from more of a range, especially latinx and indigenous authors.


Lastly, we have the gender of authors and I’m very pleased that 70% of authors were women. I’d love to read from more non-binary authors though.

Thanks for reading and supporting my blog this year! Was your reading different from last year?


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    Thank you and best wishes,


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