December Wrap Up

Welcome to my December wrap up! Anything would be a better reading month than the last few months, and hopefully I can keep up the momentum from this month when I go back to uni with more things to balance.

Here are my posts for the month:

Reading Stats

I read 4 books and 1476 pages with an average of 48 pages a day!

♡ my average rating was 4.25

2 physical books, 2 ebooks

1 fantasy, 1 horror, 1 sci-fi, 1 poetry

♡ 3 adult, 1 YA

The Books



Redemptor is the first book I’ve rated 5 stars since Raybearer in July! The sequel did not disappoint and although Tarisai was a little overbearing and repetitive at points, it definitely didn’t detract from my love for this book and series – I would say it’s my favourite YA series.


On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous is a beautiful and sad book without a doubt, and I think it’s one of those books where you can get something new out of it after every read, but as impactful as some individual lines were, it sometimes felt a little too artificial and disjointed. I did love how Vuong showed legacy of the Vietnam War and how it affected each generation, as well as the exploration of sexuality. Bunny was a very fun read, with lots of dark humour and horror. It wasn’t the best book ever but it was super easy to read and helped me get out of a long reading slump, so I’m grateful. I also finished The Psychology of Time Travel which I ended up enjoying more than I thought I would. It was definitely not the story I thought it was but I liked the direction it took, and although I had to push through the first part and got confused by some of the jumping around, I loved seeing the mystery unravel and how everything/everyone connected.


daughter of the moon goddess

I’ve also started reading my ARC of Daughter of the Moon Goddess, which I was 36% through by the end of December. Hopefully I can finish it by its release date (11th January) and write some kind of review for it!

Thanks for reading! How did your December reading go?


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