2022 Goals | Did I Complete My 2021 Goals?

Happy New Year and welcome to my post! I thought it would be nice to look back on my year and see if I completed any of my reading goals from 2021, as well as making a few for this year.

2021 Goals:

  • Read 60 books

Starting off strong, I did manage to read over 60 books – I read 65 books! I was definitely struggling in the last half of 2022, as you might’ve seen from my recent reads post, but luckily I’d been reading lots at the start so it didn’t matter too much.

  • Buying and Selling Books

I didn’t end up getting rid of many old books but did add a few to my collection so my shelf is looking a little more current, however starting uni definitely limited the number of books I could buy!

  • Own voices rep

My 2021 wrap up is looking a lot more diverse, especially with LGBTQ and POC rep, but most authors still at least live in England and America, so it would be nice to read maybe some translated fiction from other countries.

  • Genres and series

I wanted to read more horror, fantasy, YA and series. I definitely read more fantasy, I think almost half of the books I read were. I read a bit more horror but it was only about 10% of my reading, and I read a few more series but not everything I wanted to! I had 5 series I wanted to start, and I did finish 3 but didn’t read Crier’s War or the Final Empire.

Overall, I completed most of my goals (or half-completed them), so I’m pretty happy about that. Now onto my 2022 goals…

1. Read 40 books

It’s a lot less than 2020 and 2021 but I’ve read much less over the past few months so hopefully 40 books is still an achievable goal. I want to make a little more time to read at uni and balance everything because I was very bad at managing my time and deadlines last term, oops!

2. Genres

I like reading a variety of genres, so I think fantasy will still be my biggest genre but I want to read a bigger range of mostly horror, sci-fi and historical fiction.

3. Series

There are a lot of series I want to start, but I want to finish/continue these first: The Farseer Trilogy, The Broken Earth Trilogy, The God-King Chronicles and The Daevabad Trilogy.

4. Blog

Less related to reading, but I would also like to keep my blog going even when I have a busy schedule, so I’m planning on at least doing monthly wrap ups and seasonal TBRs for when I’m not on holiday with lots of time like now.

Thanks for reading! What are your reading goals?


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