I’m Back! (for now) | Update and Recent Reads

Hey! So, it’s been a while. 😅 I blame it fully on uni, even though I probably could have fit in reading and blogging if I tried, but that hasn’t been my priority recently! Now that I’m at home and having a calmer month, I have some time to catch up with reading and share my thoughts. I’m not sure if this will continue when I go back to uni (probably not!) but we’ll see. Anyway, let’s get into my recent reads, and by recent I mean August to November because I haven’t read a lot!


Unfortunately, August wasn’t the best reading month for me. Ariadne was 3.5 stars, and I always enjoy mythological retellings, but I remember the pacing and ending lowering the rating a lot. Survive the Night was even more disappointing and I gave it 2 stars – probably not the best introduction to Riley Sager, so I think I’ll give him another chance with a more popular book. I hated the main character and the other characters’ motivations, the plot twists and ending, but it was easy to read which is a plus.


In September I read a similar book to Survive the Night but I gave 4 stars thankfully, and that’s No Exit. They’re both claustrophobic thrillers with remote winter settings, but No Exit, while definitely not perfect, was executed much better. Then I read She Who Became the Sun which I enjoyed quite a lot, especially the historical setting combined with fantasy, but the pacing was a bit slow for me and I wasn’t too connected to the characters. Overall it was a good set up for the series and I rated it 3.5 stars.


jade war

It took me pretty much all of the month to finish Jade War, but I did it! I don’t think it can beat Jade City, but I loved continuing to follow the characters and political intricacies. I rated it 4 stars and can’t wait to own Jade Legacy soon! 


the art of drag

Finally, I read The Art of Drag in November. I didn’t have the motivation to read and had a lot of work to finish last minute, so I’m glad I read anything! This graphic novel is a fun and educational introduction to the history of drag, which I recommend for anyone who’s interested in RuPaul’s Drag Race or Dragula to learn a little bit more about its origins. Plus, the artwork is stunning!

Thanks for reading! Look out for more posts this month from me, especially a 2021 wrap up, anticipated releases and my goals for 2022!


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  1. Welcome back, Ella! =) It’s good to see your posts on my feed again! XD I still haven’t read “Ariadne” but I had high hopes for it since I love greek mythology and retellings. Sorry to hear it didn’t work that well for you. “Jade City” made it on my 2022 TBR and I’m very curious about it!

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