August TBR

Welcome to another post, today I want to share my reading plans for August. I haven’t been reading as much as normal this summer, but I’m getting back into it more so hopefully I can get through some of my physical TBR this month!


I’ve been neglecting my Netgalley shelf recently which means I’ve got lots of choice this month! Ariadne was released in May so I really need to get to that, and I would also like to continue Survive the Night which has already been released. The two I’m most excited for though are She Who Became the Sun and The Women of Troy! She Who Became the Sun has such an intriguing premise and I’ve already heard great things about it. The Women of Troy is a sequel to The Silence of the Girls which I loved, but I’m hoping it’s centred even more around the women’s perspective because it’s set after the death of Achilles.


The ARCs have priority this month, but here are some more books I would love to get to. I’m hoping to finish Jade War before the next book Jade Legacy is released, and I need to finally finish The Broken Earth trilogy. The City of Brass and Conjure Women are both options from my kindle that I’ve had for a while.

Thanks for reading! Do you have any plans for August?


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