May Wrap Up

My May

If you’ve read my weekly wrap ups, then you know that it mostly consists of me complaining about exams, but they’re finally over! For the last week I’ve been recovering from college and meeting friends before sorting out what to do for the rest of summer.

Here are my weekly wrap ups:

And here are my other posts – not many this month!

Reading Stats

I read 8 books and 2654 pages with an average of 86 pages a day!

♡ my average rating was 4.12

♡ 0 physical books, 7 ebooks, 1 audiobook

5 fantasy, 2 graphic novels, 1 horror

♡ 3 YA, 5 adult

I had a bit of a better reading month than April and definitely better in terms of rating! I read a lot of fantasy but I don’t think that will continue next month with WhateverAThon because I’m in Comrades of Chaos and I want to try and read my team’s genre.

The Books


hold back the tide

My one 5 star read of the month was Hold Back the Tide and it blew my away by going in a completely different direction to what I was expecting. I think it was just the right length for this kind of story: short and sweet brutal! The atmosphere was dark and tense, and the ending doesn’t hold back – I definitely shed a few tears.



Clearly I just love all the weird books because Sorrowland was gruesome and strange and unpredictable but just so great. There are lots of themes explored, like race, religion, motherhood and sexuality, as well as a whole host of intriguing characters.


Next, I read Fence Volumes 3 and 4. Both were really fun and it was great to see more of the characters and their backstories, but they’re both pretty slow because not much has actually happened, so I think it could be a long series. The Shadow of the Gods was 4 stars too. The Norse mythology and world-building were woven into the story really nicely so it wasn’t overwhelming if you nothing about Norse mythology like me. Amazingly, I enjoyed every POV and there were some really intense battle scenes. Although it was slow paced, it’s a great set-up for the rest of the series that I have to wait so long for now!

Black Sun was another great read although it definitely felt like a set-up for the rest of the series again. Some POVs I loved and some I didn’t care about but I’m really intrigued by the plot and where it will go next. Ruin and Rising was my favourite in the Shadow and Bone series. I loved the character interactions and growth throughout, and although I wasn’t the biggest fan of the whole ending, I feel like it did fit in with the series.


the jasmine throne

Lastly, I read The Jasmine Throne. The concept is amazing and there are so many positives, like the world-building and politics, but it was just a little too slow-paced for me and the extra POVs of some undeveloped side-characters slowed it down more. I am interested in reading the sequel though!

Thanks for reading! How was your May?


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  1. great wrap up! I have seen Sorrowland in Barnes and Noble a few times and I never really looked into it, but I think I will now! My May was great! I only read and reviewed Ace of Spades in May but I really loved it.


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