Weekly Wrap Up: 24/05-30/05

Welcome to my Sunday wrap up for sharing my reading progress throughout the week!

My Week

Finally, I’ve finished all my exams! I’ve been having a chill week recovering, then on Friday came into college to say goodbye and went out to celebrate with my friends. I also had a book haul to treat myself, and they should be arriving soon in time for Whatever-You-Want-A-Thon starting June 1st! Speaking of that, my latest post was my June TBR with information about the readathon. I started The Maidens early, so there will probably be changes to that but I’ll keep you updated in these weekly wrap ups.

My Week in Books

I spent most of the week reading my ARC of The Jasmine Throne, a sapphic Indian-inspired fantasy. I gave it 3.5 stars mainly because of the slow pace and some POVs that I wasn’t really interested in, but I loved the world-building and whole concept, and I probably will pick up the sequel because I’m interested to see what happens next! Then I started The Maidens, and I’m going to try and finish it before June so I can have a clear slate for the readathon and review it before it’s released on 10th June. It’s intriguing so far and I love dark academia atmosphere, so I’m hopeful for the rest of the book.

Thanks for reading! How was your week?


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