June TBR | Whatever-You-Want-A-Thon

Welcome to my June TBR! I’ve pretty much finished college which means I’ll have a lot more time to read, so I decided to join the Whatever-You-Want-A-Thon readathon that’s happening in June, hosted by Maddie at Book Browsing. As the title suggests, you can read whatever you want, but there’s an optional competitive element with teams based on different genres (I’m in Comrades of Chaos!). The announcement video is here if you’re interested!

The Prompts

Here are the prompts for the readathon – you also get extra points for LGBTQ+ rep (🌈) and having the same genre as your team (💗). Comrades of Chaos is basically anything outside of the other genres, so historical fiction, sci-fi, non-fiction etc. all work. 

The Books

🌈One Last Stop: team colour, cover reminds you of a pride flag

I can’t wait for this to come out on 1st June! There’s a sapphic romance and a bit of time travel, what more could you want?

💗🌈Under the Udala Trees: POC rep

So, I was meant to read this in May but I decided to wait until June because it’s a sapphic historical fiction, so it fits perfectly with the readathon! 

💗The Maidens

This doesn’t really fit any of the prompts but I want to read my ARC before it comes out on 10th June, and it is Whatever-You-Want-A-Thon after all! I’m loving the dark academia vibes it gives off so I’m hoping it delivers on its dark and twisted premise.

🌈Raybearer: debut, hauled within a year

I’ve finally caved and bought this book and see what all the hype is about, just in time for the sequel in August. I’m trying not to have really high expectations but I’ve heard such good things! Also, I’m not sure how queer it actually is but it’s marked as LGBT+ on Goodreads so hopefully it is.

💗🌈The Psychology of Time Travel: match last letter of book (One Last Stop) to the first letter

I’m sensing a theme of sapphic time travel stories but I’m not complaining! I got this for free on my kindle last month and I’d never heard anything about this before, so I decided to just give it a go.

💗🌈A Memory Called Empire: poll

This was the winner of my poll on the Whatever-You-Want-A-Thon discord, so it’s going on my TBR. It’s another one that I’ve heard amazing things about and I’ve been meaning to read for ages, but there’s no excuses not to read it now!

Thanks for reading! Do you have any plans for June and are you taking part in any readathons?


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  1. I plan on reading One Last Stop very soon!! I don’t have any readathon planned but maybe I should, it’s a great motivation to just rest and open a great book!


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