Weekly Wrap Up: 17/05-23/05

Welcome to my Sunday wrap up where I share my reading progress from this week!

My Week

Sadly I missed out on posting this week because of exams, which hasn’t happened since I started posting regularly last year. Hopefully this week I’ll have more time for blogging and reading though, since I only have one exam left on Monday! It’s been a tiring 6 weeks that have felt so long but I’ve just got to push through to the end of this week and then I’m finished with college. Watch out next week to see my June TBR and the readathons I’m participating in!

My Week in Books

At the start of the week I finished Hold Back the Tide and Black Sun. I didn’t expect to like Hold Back the Tide so much but I ended up rating it 5 stars! I would recommend going into the book without any predictions or expectations because I wouldn’t have loved the book as much if I did. I was so invested in the characters in just 200 pages, especially Alva and Ren. With a dark and uneasy atmosphere throughout the story, and the ending was brutal but fitting. Black Sun was another one where I had no idea what to expect and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m not quite sure how to rate it yet but it’s definitely above 4 stars. It did feel like more of a set-up for the rest of the series, but it drew me in enough to want to continue the story and see where it goes next.

I also read Fence: Rivals (Vol 4). I gave it 4 stars like the rest of the series, but I think I enjoyed it more. We’re getting to know the characters a lot more and the pacing is still very slow but I’m too in love with the artwork and fencing tips to care. Finally, I finished Ruin and Rising and gave it 4 stars too! This was definitely my favourite book in the series, mostly due to the characters and their dialogue. I know a lot of people don’t like the ending because it wraps up too nicely, but I didn’t mind it, I just think some of the events that happened at the end were almost anti-climactic? I might write a review of Ruin and Rising or the whole series so I can go into more depth, but overall it’s a decent series.

Thanks for reading! How was your week?


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