Weekly Wrap Up: 03/05-09/05

Welcome to my weekly Sunday wrap up, dedicated to sharing my week and reading progress!

My Week

Exams as usual have consumed most of my week but I managed to go out on Friday for my friend’s birthday. People are already talking about prom and the end of college so now I’m looking forward to summer and figuring out what I’ll do with myself for over 2 months!

This week, I posted my April Wrap Up with stats and quick thoughts on each book. I have no idea if I’m even going to be able to post something next week, but we’ll see what happens about that.

My Week in Books

I started the week by finishing Fence Vol 3 and Sorrowland. I gave Fence 4 stars and Sorrowland 4.5 stars! Fence was fun and entertaining as usual, and Sorrowland was an unpredictable story, and it also had a lot to say about motherhood, race, sexuality, religion and more. I started The Shadow of the Gods next and I think it’s going to take a while to finish! I’m currently 60% of the way through but enjoying it so far, I’m a big Greek mythology fan but I don’t know much about Norse mythology so it’s interesting to read about those elements. The story itself feels very intricate, and I’m wondering if the POVs will converge soon or in the next book but I’m excited!

Thanks for reading! How was your week?


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