April Wrap Up

My April

I’ve had exams all term and that has definitely impacted my reading, but I only have one more month of exams left until I’ve finished college and A-Levels! I haven’t done much else except starting athletics at college and starting new shows like Shadow and Bone.

Here are my weekly updates from this month:

Reading Stats

I read 6 books and 2181 pages with an average of 73 pages a day! 

♡ my average rating was 3.83

0 physical books, 5 ebooks, 1 audiobook

1 fantasy, 1 graphic novels, 1 dystopia, 1 horror, 1 historical fiction, 1 romance

♡ 3 YA, 3 adult

I read almost half the books and pages of last month but I’m still surprised that I read over 70 pages a day on average! I also had a wide range of genres and a balanced age range which is nice to see. I didn’t have any 5 stars read and most of the books I read were just okay, but it was a still a good reading month in my opinion!

The Books


the seven husbands of evelyn hugo

My favourite book of the month is easily The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo. Going into this I was so nervous that I wasn’t going to like it because it’s been hyped up so much, but thankfully I loved it! Evelyn was such an interesting character and I was completely invested and immersed in her story. I did think Monique’s story was less compelling because we didn’t really get to know her and that plot twist didn’t really affect me, but overall it was a stunning book.


The Ones We’re Meant to Find is a weird sci-fi/dystopia/mystery mash up with a premise that is very hard to explain. It starts of confusing but gradually I understood what was going on. It’s full of twists and reveals, a strong sister bond and the impacts of climate change. I need to write a review soon because it just came out on 4th May! I also read and enjoyed Fence Volume 2, which follows the fencing trials. I’m starting to like the characters more as we get to see their backstories and relationships develop, as well as the fencing lessons integrated into the story. Not a lot happens though and it feels like there might be end up being a lot of volumes for this.


The bulk of my rating was 3.5 stars and these books were by no means bad but just didn’t quite do it for me. I had high expectations for The Only Good Indians but sadly it didn’t meet them and I think this was partly down to the audiobook. The narrator was good but I was reading it across a long time so it was hard to keep up with the story. Also there was a narrative choice just before halfway through that I didn’t really like and lost interest after that point. However the first part in particular delivered on the horror part, with some gory scenes that I wasn’t expecting! I knew The Beautiful Ones wasn’t going to be my favourite of Silvia Moreno-Garcia’s books since it was mainly focused on romance, with only a tiny element of fantasy. I grew to love and hate the characters but the first half was just too slow to give it more than 3.5 stars. Lastly, I read Siege and Storm. Watching Shadow and Bone made me more excited to read Siege and Storm and be invested in the characters, but it also made the flaws stand out more, so I think 3.5 stars is pretty generous. Nikolai was definitely an interesting addition to the cast, although Alina was drowning in potential love interests by that point. I think I’ll be writing a review of it for more in-depth thoughts!

Thanks for reading! How was your April?


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