Weekly Wrap Up: 26/04-02/05

Welcome to my weekly wrap up where I share my reading progress and week in general!

My Week

One month to go until exams and college is over! It’s been a rough week revising for exams and I’m feeling the pressure, but we’ve just got to keep going and push for the next 4 weeks. I haven’t done much else except slowly continue with Shadow and Bone– normally I binge TV shows otherwise I never finish them, but I really want to make it last for as long as I can to get me through May!

This week, I shared my hopeful May TBR, which I had a little head start on because I started a few books from my TBR early this week! Next week, I’ve got my April Wrap Up lined up.

My Week in Books

I finished Siege and Storm at the start of the week and I ended up giving it 3.5 stars. I think I was much more invested in the story because of the TV series, but this book felt like the typical filler 2nd book in a trilogy. I did enjoy the characters and their relationships but did Alina really need 3 potential love interests??

I was tempted to immediately read Ruin and Rising but I gave myself a break from the Grishaverse and started my ARC of Sorrowland. I didn’t know anything going into the book, only that I wanted to try the author’s books, and I actually recommend doing that. It took me a while to get into the story but I love the direction it’s going in. Hopefully I can write a full review when I finish!

Next I started Fence Vol 3. I feel like there could be many many volumes of this graphic novel because honestly not a lot has happened when you step back from the story. However, it’s very engaging and I’m learning lots about fencing as well as getting to know the characters more!


  1. Great wrap up! My week was kind of a failure- I tried to read Witches Steeped in Gold, but I am temporarily DNF’ing it 😦 I haven’t finished a book in so long but I’m going to start You’ve Reached Sam and I’m very excited!


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