Weekly Wrap Up: 22/03-28/03

It’s Sunday which means another weekly wrap up where I talk about my week and all the books I read!

My Week

I’m off for the Easter holidays but sadly I can’t lie about the whole time. I have two sets of exams for each subject when I go back to college for A-levels, so sadly my holidays will be mostly filled with revision. I have done some reading though and relaxing to recover from Becca’s 48 hour bookoplathon! I’m also trying to find a new show now Drag Race UK has ended and filling that gap with a lot of YouTube.

My blog posts for this week are:

I’ve been falling behind on blog scheduling so I’m not too sure what I’ll be posting this week, you’ll just have to wait and see!

My Week in Books

Firstly I read Moon of the Crusted Snow in one day! I got sucked into the audiobook and it’s only about 6 hours long so on 1.8 x speed I got through it quickly. I don’t think I would have loved it as much without the audio because not a lot actually happens, but the tension and atmosphere of an isolated community at the beginning of an apocalypse was the greatest part. It also gave great insight into indigenous culture specifically First Nations, with their history interwoven in the story. I gave it 4 stars!

Next I read This is How You Lose the Time War for the Buzzwordathon book club/readathon and wow. I fell in love with the flowery writing style and crazy world. After I accepted that I just wouldn’t understand everything in the book, I enjoyed it so much more. The growth of Blue and Red’s relationship was everything and when the plot picked up in the last half I was captivated by the story. I gave it 4.5 stars but I have a feeling it could be 5 stars on a second read, so I might actually reread something!

The last book I finished was Radio Silence. This is another time where I think the audiobook increased my enjoyment because YA contemporary isn’t my genre, but I had a really fun time! I related to the gifted kid burnout situation, and although some characters/interactions felt a little cringey and dramatic, for the most part I enjoyed it. I gave it 4 stars too.

I’m currently reading an ARC of The Bone Shard Daughter (it’s been out for a while but I guess it’s being published again). I’m not very far into it yet but I’m intrigued and enjoying the multiple POVs. So far it’s very promising!

Thanks for reading! How was your week?


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