Becca’s Bookoplathon Wrap Up | 6 books in 2 days!

Welcome to my post, today I want to share my experience with Becca’s 48 hour Bookoplathon that happened this weekend! It was so fun and I managed to read loads – 6 books in fact!

I’m going to give a summary of both days then an overview of the books I read. The liveshows are still on YouTube, so I’ll link the playlist here if you want to check them out. An explanation of the readathon is on my bookoplathon tbr.

Also, 3 of the books I read were audiobooks with Scribd! Click my link here so we both get 30 extra days free!



I got up at 10 and starting reading during Steph’s live while I got ready for the day. The first prompts were dark cover and fantasy, so I started listening to All Systems Red!


During Ashleigh’s live we got the second roll drop, which was POC rep and contemporary. I finished reading All Systems Red and moved on to The Empress of Salt and Fortune for the fantasy prompt. I finished it after lunch and took a break from reading by going to an online uni offer holder open day!


I moved onto Mel’s live at 4 which was very chaotic but fun! I’m so ready for all the vlogs to come out with the funny moments from every live. I still got a lot of reading done though, and I finished I Hear the Sunspot for the contemporary prompt. Then I continued The Unbroken for POC rep, which I had been reading all week but only managed to get 61% into. I read 10% then made dinner.


I didn’t stay for all of Daijah’s live, but I managed to get to 88% of The Unbroken and went to bed at half 11. I wanted to stay awake for Gavin’s slumber party live but I couldn’t fight off sleep any longer!



I started the day off right with Beth’s cooking live. I watched the first part of Gavin’s live which had the third roll drop: first in a series and chance card! Luckily The Unbroken fit the first book in a series so I continued that at 9am and managed to finish it. Next was the chance card, and I got Fence! That was a lucky pick because I needed another quick graphic novel, so I got halfway through that too.


Next was Aaron’s live, with the final roll drop! The prompts were a genre you don’t normally read and set in the present, which was perfect! Set in the present fit Fence, so I finished that. I also got about 20% through Kim Jiyoung, Born 1982 for the other prompt, before I went on a walk for an a hour and a half with my family.


I got back for Codie’s live at 4 and finished Kim Jiyoung, Born 1982, which meant I read 6 books in 3 days! Of course, most of them were short books for the readathon, but I still read so much more than I ever have in two days before.


I didn’t read anything in this prompt, but I did manage to catch up on the latest Ru Paul’s Drag Race that I missed in the sprints, then stayed to the end on Becca’s live to celebrate the end of the 48 hour Bookoplathon!

Books Overview

I read so many good books this readathon! There are a lot here that I had on my TBR but wouldn’t have read anytime soon without a push, so I’m glad I did get to read them!

All Systems Red: I gave this 3.5 stars and it was very entertaining, especially Murderbot’s snarky monologue, but I wasn’t invested in the plot and I couldn’t differentiate the side characters (probably not the book’s fault but I was listening to the audio and kept forgetting who was who).

The Empress of Salt and Fortune: 4 stars! I absolutely loved the writing style and story-telling, although I think I’d have to read this again to understand the story better, since at the end I’d forgotten everything that happened (another book that I would enjoy more as a physical book, although the narrator did an amazing job).

I Hear the Sunspot: a heart-warming and emotional 4 stars! This graphic novel was really fun and I love the grumpy/sunshine trope, but it also touched on more serious topics as it explored Kohei’s hearing disability.

The Unbroken: another 4 stars! I started this ARC last Monday and had been reading it slowly in between college, but I’m glad I got more time to finish it off. The discussions about empire, colonialism and the right way to rule were thought-provoking and nuanced. Luca and Touraine’s relationship was great in raising further questions on this subject, but I wasn’t particularly invested in it. The pacing was a little bit off for me, but the intricate political aspect and action pushed it up to 4 stars.

Fence: you’re going to get bored of me saying this, but 4 stars again! Firstly, the art style was incredible. Also I didn’t think I would be interested in fencing but it integrated the basics of the sport into the story really well and now I want to know more! I thought the characters were a little bit basic and stereotyped, but I think there’s definitely more room for development in later volumes. The rivalry was fun and the casual queerness was great to see.

Kim Jiyoung, Born 1982: I decided not to rate this one because although it’s fictionalised, facts and figures are interspersed in the story to remind the reader that this is reality. It was super easy to read and will make you very angry at the patriarchy! Content warning for sexual harassment.

Thanks for reading! Are you taking part in any readathons?


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