Weekly Wrap Up: 08/03-14/03

It’s time for another Sunday wrap up to talk about my week and what I’ve been reading (spoilers: not much).

My Week

This has been a tough week. It was the first day back at school in person since December (January if you count the one day we went back!) and it was hard to get back into the routine, especially the earlier mornings. My college makes us stay until 6, with the option to stay until 8, so my 8-10 hour work days didn’t leave much room for reading or relaxing. We’ve finally had more information about exams, and at my college we’ll have 2-3 mock exams per subject for evidence of our grades. That means the Easter holidays are not going to be very relaxing, but at least it takes the pressure of performing well in one final exam. I have some more good news this week because I got a university offer from Durham! The entry requirements are very high so I don’t know if I’ll actually be able to get in, but I’m happy to even get an offer either way. As for this weekend, I’ve been sleeping off the exhaustion of this week and trying to catch up with shows, YouTube videos, blogging and reading, which I took for granted before!

Here are my blog posts for this week:

Next week, I’m posting about books that made me cry and a readathon TBR!

My Week in Books

jade cityIt probably wasn’t the smartest idea to tackle this 500+ page book in the week I go back to school, but that didn’t stop me! It’s not much, but I’ve managed to read at least 30 pages every day before bed, and more on the days I finished college at 6. Jade City is amazing so far! There is so much detail in character relationships, politics and worldbuilding. The characters are so real, which is why I was devastated when any harm was inflicted on them (Fonda Lee doesn’t hold back). I’m scared to see how it will end, and I have a feeling I’ll want to buy the next book immediately after finishing.

Thanks for reading! How was your week?


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  1. Best of luck with your exams, I’m sending all the good vibes ✨

    My week was all over the place but I finally got started on some uni work I’ve been procrastinating and had a virtual game night with friends yesterday so all in all it’s been a good week!

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  2. Good luck on your exams! I’m sure you’ll do great!

    I’ve heard great things about Jade City, I can’t wait to read your review, if you plan on posting one!

    Last week felt so long for me. Last week and next week I have final tests and projects to do before spring break, so I am a bit stressed, but I managed to finish Six of Crows yesterday!

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  3. Good luck on your mock exams! I can totally see how it can be overwhelming and tough to go back to in person school and establishing your old routine all over again, but you got this!
    My week has been a bit stressful because I had a couple of online tests, but luckily I don’t have anything urgent for next week, so I’ve been able to relax this weekend 😀
    I Hope you have a great Sunday!

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