Weekly Wrap Up: 01/03-07/03

Welcome to another Sunday wrap up where I talk about everything I’ve done and read in the week!

My Week

It’s actually been quite sunny this week, which is a change from the snow a few weeks ago! So I’ve been out on walks a few times, although it’s still very cold. I haven’t watched much TV this week, because I got invested in my books and wanted to watch more YouTube instead. This week was also the last week of online learning before I go back to college. I’m happy to go back because I’ve been really unmotivated working from home and I want to see my friends again, but I’m also nervous because being around people all the time is going to be ever harder than before lockdown, so we’ll see how it goes. That does mean that I’m going to have a lot less time to read but at least I’m a little ahead with blogging so that will look normal at least!

Here’s what I’ve posted on my blog this week:

Next week, I’m posting my review for Last Night at the Telegraph Club and comparing the book and TV adaptation for Normal People, so look out for them!

My Week in Books

First up, I read The Obelisk Gate, the second book in the Broken Earth trilogy. I thought this was going to take me most of the week because it took me a while to process The Fifth Season. However, I got through it in 4 days because I was so invested in the story and characters. N K Jemisin didn’t disappoint in this sequel, and my mind continued to be blown by revelations and the plot. The story is so unpredictable and I desperately need to buy The Stone Sky to see how it resolves. I also cried a little at one character death even though I saw it coming, but I still wasn’t prepared! I gave this 5 stars, the first one since I read The Fifth Season in January!

I just finished Gods of Jade and Shadow this morning! It took me a while to get into the story, and the writing style was jarring to me at first, but when I got used to it I absolutely loved the story. It’s rich with Mayan mythology and Mexican history, and the dynamic between Cassiopea and Hun-Kame was heart-warming but had a lot of layers. There are so many beautiful quotes, but the intricate description and reflection is balanced by the fun dialogue and action. I haven’t quite decided on my rating yet, but I think this might be another 5 star read, so it’s been a great week in terms of books!

Thanks for reading! How was your week?


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  1. Awesome post! I have been wanting to read the broken earth trilogy but I am a bit intimidated because people have said it is difficult to understand. This week, I read an ARC of The One’s We’re Meant to Find by Joan He, and I started Six of Crows!

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    1. Thank you! I was very scared to read it as well and it is confusing but it’s meant to be at first so don’t be intimidated! The Ones We’re Meant to Find sounds so interesting I’m tempted to buy it when it comes out, and I hope you enjoy Six of Crows! 🥰

      Liked by 1 person

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