Weekly Wrap Up: 22/02-28/02

It’s Sunday so it’s time for my weekly wrap up, where I share what I’ve done and read!

My Week

I haven’t done much this week except read and watch TV. I finished the adaptation of Normal People and wrote a post comparing it to the book (coming soon!). I also watched It’s a Sin, a show about the AIDS crisis in the 80s, which I’ll talk more about in my monthly wrap up. I caught up on Ru Paul’s Drag Race as well and watched previous seasons – it’s my comfort show. I’ve been on more walks because the weather’s been so nice, and listened to podcasts while I walked. I’m back at online school after a week off, so my reading has suffered a bit while I’ve adjusted again (I forgot how tiring it is!).

These are the posts on my blog this week:

Next week, I’m posting my February Wrap Up and review of Shadow and Bone!

My Week in Books

Much less books this week!

I read Last Night at the Telegraph Club this week, and I’ve realised how much I need queer historical fiction books because this was amazing. I gave it 4 stars overall, because I loved Lily’s discovery of her identity, the sapphic romance and the historical backdrop, but there were a few plotlines or aspects of the story that didn’t feel fully explored by the end. Highly recommend this though! I’ll be attempting to write a review some time in the future.

I started Transcendent Kingdom and it would be great if I could finish by the end of this week and therefore end of the month but we’ll see! Yaa Gyasi’s writing style is beautiful as ever and I love the exploration of science, religion, grief and mental illness in families. It’s very different from Homegoing but I’m enjoying it so far.

Thanks for reading! How was your week?


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