Book Recs by Subject

Welcome to my post! Today I’m going to be matching books up with the subject they relate to most!



The Fifth Season is perfect for geography! It’s set in a world where catastrophic disasters known as the fifth season take place every few hundred years due to climate change, and our characters have to cope with a particularly bad one (maybe even the end of the world). While there’s also magic and mystery and social commentary, the setting and history of the world makes it the perfect fit for geography.



The Night Swim is a story about a host of a true crime podcast investigating an ongoing rape case in a small town, but there is another case that starts to connect with this one. This book is very fitting for law, since it explores the process of rape trials in particular and the difficulty in its prosecution, as well as an interesting mystery.


I had to choose both of these because they’re just so great for classics! Circe is an interesting portrayal of Circe, a villain in the Odyssey, and includes so many Greek myths. The Secret History has a lot of ancient history and philosophy besides the mystery, so you get the best of both worlds!


the long way .

Most sci-fi books will work well with physics, but I chose The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet because some aspects are quite technical and I didn’t understand it, like I don’t understand physics! Don’t worry though, because that’s not the only thing in the book – there’s interesting characters, unique worlds and themes of love and acceptance!


into the drowning deep

The science in Into the Drowning Deep goes much more in depth than I thought it would and I actually began to appreciate science as I read about the characters and their attachment to their field (and I was not the biggest fan of science at school). There’s more than just marine biology in here, but for the sake of matching it to one subject that would be the most accurate I think. It’s also a horror and has killer mermaids!


30319086. sy475

If We Were Villains is all about acting out Shakespeare, so I had to pick this! The Shakespeare references are interwoven throughout the whole book and the writing style is beautiful – that was my favourite part of the book. I know, I know, there’s more to acting than just Shakespeare but it’s the obvious choice.



The Goldfinch centres around The Goldfinch painting as we follow Theo’s life, so it explores art a lot. There are some other subjects that connect to it to, like DT, since we spend a lot of time with an antique restorer and seller.


55429079. sy475

Furia follows aspiring footballer Camila and the struggle she faces between the sport she loves and her family. The matches were exciting and easy to follow even if you’re not interested in football, but there’s also so much more than just football. It explores friendship, romance, domestic abuse and patriarchy too.

Thanks for reading! Do you have any other books that would fit with these subjects?


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  1. I tried to read If We Were Villains this past October but didn’t get into it right away, so it’s definitely on my list for this year! Also can’t wait to read The Fifth Season! Loved this! ♥

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