Weekly Wrap Up: 01/02-07/02

Welcome to my Sunday wrap up, where I share my week and the reading I did. I’ve got a double wrap up today since last week I did my January wrap up instead!


I read a lot last week! I finished Into the Drowning Deep, a horror book with killer mermaids and great representation (do I need to say more??). I gave it 4.5 stars and my review is coming out next week so stay tuned!

Then I read Never Let Me Go and unfortunately I wasn’t a fan. It had interesting concepts that could have been explored much more, but I didn’t feel anything for the characters and the narration got on my nerves. I know a lot of people enjoyed this one but it wasn’t for me! I gave it 2 stars.

I also read Passing because I saw it on Spotify’s classic audiobook collection. It’s an accessible modern classic with lots of themes like race, gender and sexuality in a short book. I gave this 4 stars and I would love to go back and analyse it one day!

Finally, I read Winter’s Orbit, which has now been released! It was a cute romance with political intrigue and some more serious topics like abuse that were handled really well. I gave it 4 stars and I have a review coming out in a few weeks, but you can see my thoughts earlier on goodreads!

My Week

Boku dake ga inai machi Poster

Now for this week. As you might have guessed from the themed posts, it was my birthday! I had a good time even in lockdown, and thankfully I didn’t have too much work so I got to chill with my family and have a takeaway. I also started and finished Erased, an anime series about Satoru, who travels back in time to save his friends and family. I loved this show, it was so heart-warming but also sad and tense! I figured out the killer quite early on but it was still filled with twists and turns. There’s a non-animated version on Netflix too so I might watch that and compare them.


I started and finished The Black Coast, a 672 page fantasy debut. I absolutely loved this book, from the fascinating world to the complex characters to the political intrigue. It’s hard to get your head around the world and characters at first, but the initial confusion is worth it. I can’t wait for the next book, which is going to be a long time since this book only comes out in a few weeks! I gave it 5 stars, and hopefully I will write a review for it soon!

I started Normal People yesterday so I don’t have too many thoughts on it yet, but I am enjoying it and I hope it lives up to the hype!

Thanks for reading! How was your week?


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