Birthday Book Tag!

Welcome to my post, today I’m 18 (well not when I’m writing this but when it’s posted), so I wanted to do the birthday book tag! It was created by Antonia @ Always Books.

BIRTHDAY CAKE: a book with a plot that seems cliche but you adore it anyway


I’ve chosen The Silence of the Girls because there are a lot of Iliad retellings, but it was approached in a slightly different way and I really enjoyed it!

PARTY GUESTS: your most anticipated book release for this year

This one is hard because I have 40+ anticipated 2021 releases and I spoke about 21 of them in this post! However, I narrowed it down to just two: A Lesson in Vengeance is sapphic dark academia, and Angel of Greenwood is 1920s YA. I’m really bad at actually reading books in the year they come out, but I desperately want to get to these in 2021!

BIRTHDAY PRESENTS: a book that surprised you with how much you loved it


I didn’t think I’d like Open Water that much since it’s a contemporary/romance, but I fell in love with the writing style and characters.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY” SONG: a book that certainly deserves all the hype it got

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I’m so happy that The Vanishing Half won the Goodreads Historical Fiction award because that inspired me to finally read it! I loved the characters and the insightful commentary on race, colourism and family.

HAPPY MUSIC: a book with some very beautiful and truly meaningful quotes


The Sword of Kaigen had so many beautiful and heart-wrenching quotes! Everyone who’s read it will know how bad the ‘second youngest’ quote hurts.

GETTING OLDER: a book you read a long time ago but you think you would appreciate it as a more mature reader


I think this probably goes for most classics I read a while ago, but I remember reading The Picture of Dorian Gray in year 11. I thought it was okay but I wasn’t much of a reader and found it hard to get through or understand some parts, so I would probably enjoy it more now! I don’t tend to reread much unless it’s a favourite though, so I don’t know if I actually will read it again.

SWEET BIRTHDAY MEMORIES: a book that kept you incredibly happy during a sad or demanding period of your life

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Heartstopper is such a comfort read, and I read the whole series online when I was feeling anxious and isolated, and it really helped!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Happy Birthday to you! 😀 I still need to read “The Sword of Kaigen” but so far everyone who read it loved it so I’m pretty sure I’ll enjoy it too. “Heartstopper” is such a wholesome read. I love it.


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