February TBR

Welcome to my February TBR, where I make a loose reading plan and try to stick to it! This month I have some ARCs to get to and a book club pick, but otherwise lots of freedom!


I have the audiobook of 1984 which I finally need to read. The only reason I requested it was because Peter Capaldi narrates it, but hopefully I’ll like it! I also need to get to The Black Coast, a high fantasy debut, which comes out in the middle of February. Then Yolk, a YA contemporary, comes out at the start of March, so I will be reading that at the end of February.

Physical TBR

In terms of my physical TBR, I would like to get to all of these in February, but it’s totally dependent on whether my local library opens and I get distracted by other books. I’m at least aiming to read Julius Caesar throughout the month for The Dark Academics Book Club (Check out their twitter for more info)!

Thanks for reading! What are your plans for next month?


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