Notion Tour | online bullet journal for studying and organising my life

Welcome to my post, today I want to take you through my notion pages and how it helps me organise my studying, blogging and of course reading! I tried to keep a balance between aesthetic and functional, so it’s not too over the top but it looks quite nice still.

Just as a disclaimer, I did build off a template then expanded from there, so most of the personal pages are from templates, then the reading and blog pages are my own. Templates are great to start with so don’t feel bad about not doing everything yourself – it saves so much time and Notion is all about productivity!

Home Page

Here’s my main page for studying and personal growth, with a cute quote from The Space Between Worlds! My college page tracks my grades and exams (which we don’t have anymore oop), as well as the application process for university. In the ‘to ease’ page, I have a list of Netflix shows I want to get to, wish lists and inspirational quotes. In the ‘to look ahead’ page, I have all my goals for the year as well as an impossible list which is basically just an ambitious life goals list. My habit tracker is monthly and records pages read, exercise, blogging and screen time (which is really bad!).

Weekly Pages

notion 7notion 8notion 9

I love the dark academia vibe of this page, it’s probably my favourite one of my notion. The quote is from If We Were Villains and then I have a list for my focus for the week so I don’t get overwhelmed and academic and personal goals every day!

Reading Pages

As you can see, I have so many reading pages! I have a monthly page which includes a potential TBR, a wrap up and my brief thoughts on the books I read. I also have pages to track my reading and buying, like 2021 releases, book club picks and readathons!

Blog pages

Finally, my blogging pages! This is where I keep track of my uploads and everything I need to do for this blog. Blog ideas is a very helpful page! I also have an ARCs page to keep track of publish dates and everything I need to review.

Thanks for reading! Do you have notion?


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