Popular books on booktok | How good are the books on booktok?

Welcome to my post, today I’m going to be sharing the popular books that I’ve seen a lot on booktok and if I’ve read them.

The Selection

10507293I’ve read the first two books in The Selection series, which is a YA royalty romance. I think it was probably about 3 or 4 years ago and I couldn’t bring myself to continue the series because it was cringey and just not that interesting to me. If anyone remembers those Instagram accounts when you’d roleplay the selection? It was weird but I did that when I was younger and hadn’t actually read the series, and most of them had better plots then the actual book. This one is a hard miss for me.

Red, White and Royal Blue

41150487. sy475 Red, White and Royal Blue is another royalty type book, but with an LGBT enemies to lovers romance. I’m not the biggest fan of reading about royalty and famous people, so it didn’t immediately appeal to me, but I have heard great things from people in and not in the booktok community, so it is on my TBR!

An Ember in the Ashes

27774758. sy475 Okay, this sounds so good. An Ember in the Ashes is a fantasy series in a dystopian world inspired by Ancient Rome. Again, I’ve heard amazing things about this on booktok but also booktube and other platforms, so I think this is definitely a book I’m glad is popular in booktok.

The Cruel Prince

26032825. sy475

The Cruel Prince is a YA fantasy with fae and I’m honestly not sure what else. This sounds like a book I probably would have liked a few years ago, but I’m not interested in it now so I think I’ll skip this booktok favourite! It was actually in my Anti TBR post, so I think that sums up my feelings about it.

Six of Crows

23437156I think this a book that definitely deserves the hype! Six of Crows is YA urban fantasy where an unlikely group of 6 people attempt a heist. I love the plot, characters and romances, so everything about the book really! The second book is even better in my opinion, and I even made a post about my favourite quotes. Booktok wins with this one.

There are definitely lots more of popular books on booktok that I haven’t included. Sarah J Maas’ books and the After series are extremely popular, but a lot of the booktok community hate these books and point out the problematic parts, so I didn’t want them to represent the booktok community. Of course, not everyone agrees on booktok and there are lots of subsections. The most popular books on booktok are overwhelmingly fantasy, YA and white, but most people I follow on booktok are pushing back against these and promoting more diverse books, which we love to see!

Thanks for reading! Have you read any of these? Check out my Booktok!


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  1. I’m so torn w/ booktok because most of the books I see recommended are ones that I loved, but then I see them over and over again! RWRB is one that I adored and I’m happy to see it getting more love on booktok, I hope to do love it when you read it!! ♥♥

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