Comparing UK and US covers

Welcome to my post, today I’m going to compare UK and US covers of popular books and decide who has the prettier books! The UK cover is first and the US cover is second.

Assassin’s Apprentice

I like the UK cover much more for this one. Look at the medieval title font and the cute deer and the matching colours! I’m not a massive fan of people on the covers for the US one, and you can barely see the title. The colours clash too, but I like the deer in the background. UK cover wins!

A Darker Shade of Magic

I think the colours on the UK cover are cool, and the patterns on the cloak and map. However, it’s a bit basic and I think the US cover is much more interesting. The title is cool and you can see the maps clearer. US wins!


Look at the UK cover!! I love the artwork and the colours, it’s just really intriguing to look at and makes me want to read it! The US cover is a bit intimidating with the face at the front. The title isn’t great and the colours make it confusing to look at. UK wins!

Normal People

This is a really hard one to pick! The UK cover is very different and I like the minimalism. The US cover is cool too, I like the two colour block and the line drawings. Ah I don’t know! I think I’ll give it to the UK cover just because the lines all over the US cover are a bit distracting and take away from the title. That’s such a petty reason but it’s so close!

Midnight Library

I love both of these. I’m not the biggest fan of the font for the UK cover, but the starry background and intriguing library make up for that. The US cover is interesting with the different realities. It looks more like it’s set on an aeroplane though? I do like the drawings on that one though, and the font, so it has to be the US cover!

Transcendent Kingdom

I’m not 100% sure if these are the UK and US covers but I’ve only seen the second cover and it hasn’t been released in the UK yet, so I’m going with it! I’m loving the two tone colour scheme on both of these covers. The UK cover is really beautiful, especially the green background and the flowers. The US cover is so pretty too, I want both of them on my shelves! It’s much more minimal and classy I guess? I’m more drawn to the UK cover though, I’m not sure why. They’re both bold but I haven’t really seen a cover like it before. So UK wins!

Thanks for reading! It was pretty close but I think I preferred the UK covers more. Which covers did you like best?


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