Weekly Wrap Up: 21/12-27/12

Welcome to my post! It’s Sunday which means another weekly wrap up about my week and my books.

My Week

This week has been really good! I haven’t done that much but it has been nice to relax and spend more time with my family. I haven’t done much school work either but that’s a concern for future me! Unfortunately, as of this week I’m going into Tier 4 so I’m not sure if my college will be open next term, but I hope it is so I can see other people and not have more online lessons. 

This week I also started a booktok! You can check it out here if you want, but I basically just wanted to make a fun account where I post when I feel like it and get to see even more recommendations and bookish content.

My Week in Books

I finished The Beauty of Your Face this week! Like I was saying in my last weekly wrap up, it’s very focused on Afaf’s backstory (which were my favourite parts anyway) and not so much the school shooting until the end, but it was such a moving story that I gave it 4 stars! My full review is here if you’re interested.

Then I started The Goldfinch and I’m still reading it. I planned on finishing it before the end of 2020, but I think it will probably roll over into the first few days of January because I’m just under 50% now, and it’s 881 pages in total! Even though it’s taking me forever to read, I’m really enjoying it so far. Donna Tartt’s books are quite slow-paced and have a sort of meandering style, which is exactly what I feel like reading right now.

Thanks for reading! How was your week?


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