Weekly Wrap Up: 14/12-20/12

Welcome to my post! Today it’s time for my weekly Sunday wrap up, where I talk about the books I’ve read and how my week has been.

My Week

This week hasn’t been very eventful, but I finished college for the term so it’s time for the winter holidays! Normally I love this holiday, of course because of Christmas but also it’s nice to just relax and do nothing, only seeing some family and friends. That’s not possible this year because of Covid and my mocks in February, so I need to balance revision and breaks! After college finished on Wednesday, I didn’t haven’t any motivation. I didn’t do any work or reading for a few days, but now I’m back and recharged!

Other things I’ve been doing this week are discovering Sims 4 again and watching a lot of films: I finally finished Spirited Away, and I also watched Enola Holmes, Spiderman and Rebecca (get ready for a post on that for Wednesday!).

My Week In Books

Another ARC week! Now my Netgalley score is at 77%, which I’m very happy with.

First, I finished We Are All Birds Of Uganda. I think I rated it 4 stars on Goodreads but looking back I this it was more of a 3.5, mainly because of the second perspective. Still, I loved getting an insight into a country’s history I don’t know much about, and the last part that I read this week was the better half. Check out my full review on Goodreads here!

I decided to read Delicates next, even though I realised that it was a sequel! I’m glad I read it anyway, because it has lots of important and quite dark themes that are still accessible to younger readers, like bullying, suicide and identity. I really enjoyed this graphic novel, even without reading the first book. I rated this one 4 stars.

Then I started The Beauty of Your Face. I’m about two thirds of the way through this. I was hoping to finish it this week, but then my motivation disappeared and I left it for a few days. What I’ve read so far has been good, although I didn’t realise how much of it would be in a second timeline exploring Afaf’s backstory. That part has been a lot slower, but I’m excited to see what happens next.

Thanks for reading! How was your week?


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