21 anticipated releases for 2021 | fantasy, historical fiction and lots of sapphic romance

Welcome to my post, today I’m sharing some of my anticipated releases for 2021. I’m not very good at keeping up with new releases so I probably won’t actually read a lot of these in 2021, but I’m excited for them anyway!

I’m going to list 21 releases, their release date and a line explaining what it’s about!


Dowry of Blood, 31st January: reimagining of Dracula’s brides with polyamorous and bi rep

One Last Stop, 1st June: sapphic romance with time-travel

Remote Control, 19th January: sci-fi novella about a character with a deadly touch

Survive the Night, 6th July: main character is stuck in a car with someone who might be a serial killer

The Chosen and the Beautiful, 1st June: Great Gatsby retelling with a queer Asian magician as the main character

The Unbroken, 23rd March: sapphic North-Africa inspired high fantasy with politics and rebellion

Transcendent Kingdom, 4th March (UK): Ghanaian family in Alabama with themes like religion and science, addiction and loss

We Play Ourselves, 9th February: young playwright joins her neighbour’s film project and discovers the dangers of ambition and success

When Stars Rain Down, 30th March: Southern historical fiction in 1936 about the KKK

Wild Women and the Blues, 13th April: dual timeline of 1920 and 2015 Chicago connected by film

Young Adult

Angel of Greenwood, 12th January: Booker T Washington supporter and WEB Du Bois supporter join together to face their real enemies in the 1921 Greenwood massacre

Chlorine Sky, 12th January: verse novel about growing up and toxic friendships

Gearbreakers, 29th June: sapphic sci-fi with two girls on opposite sides of the war

Lore, 5th January: The Hunger Games and Greek mythology crossover

Last Night at the Telegraph Club, 19th January: sapphic romance in 1950s San Francisco against the backdrop of the Red Scare

Rise to the Sun, 6th July: romance with queer girls at a music festival

Some Girls Do, 18th May: lesbian track star and bi beauty queen high school romance

The Gilded Ones, 9th February: West-African inspired fantasy with a main character who has gold blood

The Project, 2nd February: a mystery about cults and grief

Witches Steeped in Gold, 20th April: Jamaican-inspired fantasy with witches, betrayal and revenge

Yesterday is History, 2nd February: liver transplant gives the main character the ability to time travel and creates a queer love triangle

Thank you for reading! Are you excited for any of these? Are there any other releases you’re anticipating in 2021?



  1. I’m looking forward to so many! Everina Maxwell has a queer space opera coming out, and Aliette de Bodard has a sapphic fantasy out next year too! I’m loving all the new diverse books releasing at the moment 🧡


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