Fantasy series I want to start (and finish?) in 2021!

Welcome to another post! Today, I want to start planning my 2021 reads and show you some series I’m planning to start and hopefully finish. Since I’ve only really got back into reading this year, I’ve missed out on a lot of the book community’s favourite fantasy series! I want to rectify that in 2021 and catch up on new and old popular series.

Farseer Trilogy


♡ first published 1995

♡ finished

Starting off with a staple fantasy, I’ve been eyeing up Robin Hobb’s books for a while now and it’s time I finally start them! Assassin’s Apprentice is the first in the Farseer trilogy and the Realm of the Elderlings world with many more books, following Fitz, the royal bastard training to become an assassin. I can’t wait to get into this and see what all the hype is about!

The Green Bone Saga

43587154. sy475

♡ first published 2018

♡ unfinished

This series has blown up on booktube recently. Jade City is the first in this political Asian fantasy, following two rival clans on an island that produces magical jade. I’ve heard great things from everyone who’s read it and I can’t wait to get immersed in this world. There is also a third book expected to come out next year so it will be the perfect time to start the series!

The Broken Earth Trilogy


♡ first published 2015

♡ finished

I don’t really know anything about The Fifth Season apart from different people surviving a world with lots of seismic activity. Was that even half right?? Anyway, I trust everyone who raves about it and I’m desperate to read one of N K Jemisin’s books so I want to go in blind and experience the series for myself!

Crier’s War Series

41951626. sy475

♡ first published 2019

♡ finished?

Crier’s War is a YA sapphic fantasy and I don’t really need anything else to get me reading. It also includes androids, politics and enemies to lovers trope. It just gets better and better! The sequel came out in September so I need to catch up and start it already!

The Mistborn Series


♡ first published 2006

♡ finished

I’ve been told that The Final Empire is a good place to start with Brandon Sanderson’s world, so that’s what I’m hoping to do! The metal magic system sounds very unique and although it feels intimidating I can’t wait to start.

Thanks for reading! What series are you planning to read in 2021?



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