December Reading Plan

Welcome to another post, today I’m talking through my casual reading plans for the last month of the year! 


I’m expecting to be busy for the first half of the month with college, but then hopefully I will have more time to read! So, I’m planning to read around 7 books again (what they will be, I’m not completely sure), and hopefully I’ll get to finish more. I’m planning to read more contemporaries and write more reviews this month. I have a few ARCs to get to in December, so that should push me to achieve those goals!


The books I know I’m going to read this month are the 3 ARCs I’ve requested from Netgalley. They’re all going to come out in January, so I think it will good to read them now so I have time to write the reviews.

ARCs to read this month!

Apart from that, I’m also planning to read The Goldfinch. There are few books that I’m thinking of buying soon, like Bunny, Gods of Jade and Shadow and Vengeful, but who knows if I’ll actually get round to buying and reading them. I also have my eye on some library books, so who knows what I’ll actually be reading yet! I’m also putting off buying The Burning God since I can’t justify spending too much before Christmas. None of these have Christmas or winter vibes do they? Oh well!

A very tentative TBR for other books

Thanks for reading! Do you have any reading plans for December?




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