5OnMyTBR: Friendship

Thanks to @LocalBeeHuntersNook for #5OnMyTBR – a weekly bookish meme where we share 5 books on our TBR list from prompts (which you can find here).  The prompt this week is Friendship!

I’ve chosen books that I know have a strong friendship or with friendship as the central theme over romance. Since I haven’t read these, correct me if I got anything wrong!

(Click on the title links for the goodreads synopses)


The Lonely Heart of Maybelle Lane

The Lonely Heart of Maybelle Lane by Kate O'Shaughnessy

✿ contemporary, middle grade

✿ 288 pages

✿ published 2020

The Lonely Heart of Maybelle Lane sounds like a heart-warming read (but apparently heart-breaking too), with a road trip!! I love unlikely friendships, so I can’t wait to read about the trio mentioned in the synopsis.

The Gilded Wolves


✿ fantasy, historical fiction, YA

✿ 388 pages

✿ published 2019

I need to read The Gilded Wolves series asap. Historical fantasy with a heist? Sign me up! I think this also had romance in it, but the friendship sounds like a bigger theme with the found family trope – my favourite.

Check, Please!

37534577. sx318

✿ graphic novel, LGBT, YA

✿ 288 pages

✿ published 2018

Check, Please is centred around hockey, which I don’t care much about, but I love reading about team sports and teammates’ friendships! I think this will be a really fun read.

A Closed And Common Orbit

29475447. sy475

✿ sci-fi

✿ 365 pages

✿ published 2016

I recently finished The Long Way To A Small Angry Planet, and although I have some conflicting feelings about it (I’ll be sharing my thoughts on it soon, look out for a review!), I loved the friendships, so I’m sure A Closed And Common Orbit will be just as strong on that side. It’s also much shorter, so I think it might have even less of a plot and focus more on the characters and their relationships?

Radio Silence


✿ contemporary, YA

✿ 403 pages

✿ published 2016

I’ve heard great things about Radio Silence! Although there is some romance, I think the main focus of the story is on Frances and her friendship with Aled? I’ve only read Heartstopper by Alice Oseman, but of course I loved that, and the side friendships were amazing.

Thanks for reading! Have you read any of these books?


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