5OnMyTBR: Death

Thanks to @LocalBeeHuntersNook for #5OnMyTBR – a weekly bookish meme where we share 5 books on our TBR list from prompts (which you can find here).  The prompt this week is Death!


For this prompt, I’m choosing books with Death in the title or plot!

The Death of Vivek Oji

48595550. sy475

✿ contemporary, LGBT+

✿ 248 pages

✿ published 2020

The Death of Vivek Oji centres around Vivek Oji, who is dead in the present but the story also explores different points in his life. I’ve seen a lot of hype around booktube about this and it definiteyl sounds like something I should read.

The Luminous Dead

36117102. sy475

✿ horror, sci-fi

✿ 432 pages

✿ published 2019

I don’t know if The Luminous Dead actually includes death (I think it could spoil the book if I check), but the expedition seems like its set in a deadly landscape. It also includes a psychological kind of mystery since the guide sounds unreliable, so that makes me even more excited to read this!

The Lake of Dead Languages


✿ mystery

✿ 390 pages

✿ published 2005

The Lake of Dead Languages sounds amazing. It’s a dark academia representing my favourite dead language Latin, with mystery and death! What more could you want?

The King Must Die

39359728. sy475

✿ historical fiction, mythology

✿  354 pages

✿ published 2013

The King Must Die humanises Theseus, best known for the killing the Minotaur. It also follows his life and adventures across the world. I love mythological retellings, especially when the author focuses on humanising a hero or villain, so this is a must read!

Gideon the Ninth


✿ fantasy, sci-fi, LGBT+

✿ published 2019

✿ 448 pages

How have I not mentioned Gideon the Ninth on a 5OnMyTBR post yet? It’s very high on my TBR list, since I’ve seen it all over booktube (especially Katy’s channel!). Since it’s been described as lesbian necromancy, this book seemed like a perfect addition to this list!

Thanks for reading! Have you read any of these books?


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