Anti TBR | Popular books I don’t want to read

Inspired by the Anti-TBR Tag on Booktube, today I wanted to talk about popular books I have no interest in reading. Let me know if you agree with me or convince me to read something you like that I haven’t given a chance yet!


Stephen King: After reading The Shining, I’m not that interested in reading more of King. There are a few books I could be persuaded to read, like maybe The Institute or Pet Sematary, but his use of racial slurs for no reason and long winded writing style doesn’t really appeal to me.

Jane Austen: Okay, I probably will read Pride and Prejudice at some point because I’ve heard so many good things about it I can’t help but be curious. However, none of her other books interest me, so I won’t be picking her books up for a while anyway.

Sarah J Maas:  I can’t escape Sarah J Maas on booktube, booktok or bookstagram! This is an author I know I won’t read any of and you can’t change my mind this time. I have no interest in any of her series and from critical reviews I can tell I won’t like them, sorry!


The Wheel of Time Series: Do I have time to read a 14 book series all 800 pages and more?? No. While the premise does seem interesting, there are so many other books I would prioritise over reading this, so I think I’ll pass on this series.

The Cruel Prince Series: If I’d read this 2 or 3 years ago I probably would have loved it, but because I missed out on this when it came out, I don’t really care about it now.

Crave: I never actually read Twilight and I’m glad I didn’t (another series I won’t be reading!). The only reason I would pick this up is for the nostalgia of another YA vampire romance, but since I never read Twilight I’m not interested in reading this either.


Home Before Dark: I do want to try Lock Every Door, but I’ve heard mixed reviews about Home Before Dark and I really don’t like the premise so I’m not motivated to pick it up.

Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell: Again, I want to try Clarke’s other book, Piranesi, because it sounds whimsical and mysterious. But this one does not appeal to me at all. For one it’s 1000 pages?! And I’ve seen a lot of reviews and videos talking about how boring it was. If there’s not much action then there’s no way I’m going to start this!

Thanks for reading, hopefully I won’t get too much hate! Is there anything here you don’t want to read either, or think I should read?



  1. Not gonna lie – that Jane Austen one hurt a bit 😂 I especially love Emma, even though I initially also thought the premise didn’t sound that interesting.
    But there are so many great books out there that we can never read all of them anyway, so I’d say we should prioritize the ones we’re most excited about, even if that means ignoring popular picks 😉 So I completely get where you’re coming from!

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  2. I have only read one of those books, Sense and Sensibility. It’s pretty good I enjoyed reading it, but it can be a little dull on some part, and a little confusing, but that’s because Jane Austen enjoys using words that no one uses today. XD

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